Top and Three Best Things About Graduation Announcements


Every milestone, success, and achievement deserves recognition and celebration, and graduations are no exception. Most graduates often mark the occasion with a graduation announcement. They do this because after months and years of intense study, research and practicals, it’s only fair that the achievement should be broadcasted.

The accomplishment of such magnitude should be announced even if your loved ones are already aware of it, as it helps to reach out to those far and near. 

Sending out a grad announcement or invitation cards helps people appreciate how much you have worked to strain your level of success. Below are 3 top and best things about graduation announcements you might want to consider when making one on your graduation.

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What Is Included In A Graduation Announcement?

Whether you’re graduating with your high school diploma, a doctorate, or an undergraduate degree, the contents of your graduation announcements should be unique to you. Just be sure to include the most basic details in your announcement to let the guests know the who, what, when, where, and why of the event.

 Once you’ve got those details right, the rest is up to you. As the graduate to-be,  you’ll decide if your announcement will be formal or informal, if it will be straightforward or affectionate and whether or not it should be a simple photo graduation announcement. Here are what to include in your grad announcement:

  • Full Name
  • School Name
  • Degree Type/Field of Study
  • Class Year
  • Honors
  • Year/Date/Time
  • Location
  • Other Details such as part information, specific dress code, gifts, etc.
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Best Graduation Announcement

High School Graduation Announcement

When creating your graduation announcement cards, ensure the wordings you choose match your personality, achievements, and taste. You should also make sure every detail is accurate and informative. You might decide to include a unique quote that matches the occasions or the circumstances that fit your academic life and goals.

Master’s  or Doctorate Degree Announcement Wording 

Achieving a master’s or Doctorate is no mean feat. A better way to spread the word of your notable accomplishment is by incorporating a personal message with a traditional graduation announcement.  Include the usual basic info and a few words of wisdom that portray your intellectuality. 

Med School Graduation Invitation

It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice to graduate from med school finally. Celebrate this special milestone by letting everyone know about it so they can share in your airports guide. If you are unsure of what to include in your med school graduation invitation, check out some of our unique templates, which you might find interesting.

Bottom Line

Once you have your graduation wording worked out, refer to our comprehensive guide on graduation announcement etiquette and pieces. They include when to send graduation announcements and how to address each graduation invitation to ensure your good news reaches its destination. Finally, if you are looking for more grad ideas and inspiration, look at our graduation resources and templates.