Reasons why flying is the best way to travel

In the modern world everybody is always constantly on the move. Either for work, or leisure, a significantly high number of people choose to spend a lot of their time in transit. It’s a magical feeling to realize that in this day and age we aren’t bound to a single location, but rather the world is open to all of us. And not just the surface, but the skies too.

Flying is faster than anything else

Long gone are the days when you have to take a month long trip by boat just to reach the other side of the ocean. Even if you have no need to cross those vast open stretches of water, and can just take the bus, or train somewhere, then it will still take you a much, much longer time than if you flew. Airplanes are faster by a pretty large margin, and no other method of transportation comes even close.

It’s not that expensive anymore

Although this sometimes depends on who you’re flying with, in many – if not most – cases flying is not only more practical, but just as affordable as anything else. And if you take extra costs for along the way, driving somewhere may even be more expensive, because you might need to rent rooms, and make more meals for along the way, and all those other unexpected costs. And to top it all off, you can easily find cheap flight booking all the time, every time.

It’s incredibly safe

In fact, it’s so safe, that you’re statistically more likely to get hit by lightning. There are tens of thousands of daily commercial flights, and yet, the chances of even the tiniest mistake happening on flight are so slim that months can go by with nothing of the sort happening. Also, with the latest technologies in safety, even in those awful, and rare, cases where something does happen, it’s still safer than a bus, or a train.

Breathtaking views

Ever since the dawn of mankind, people have looked up at the skies and wondered. How amazing it must be for the birds to look down from so far up. And today, we have that option. Planet Earth holds stunning beauty that can’t always be fully appreciated from the ground, so when you’re up there in the skies looking down, you’ll see Earth’s splendor with your own eyes.

Friendly people all around

There’s a very specific ambiance to an airplane that just can’t be found on buses or trains. Everyone treats everyone else like friends, all while being hosted by a wonderful team of flight attendants. Even if it’s a long flight and you prefer to sleep, nobody will bother you, and yet if you can’t sleep at all, there’s always someone awake and willing to chat you up. Truly, an airplane will always feel like a community to everyone aboard the plane.

Flying is incredible, there’s just nothing like it. It can take you to places that were previously so inaccessible, and had made it so that they’re now within reach of the tips of your fingers.