How to Use a Smartphone Monitoring Service

Social MediaTechnology. Is there anything that has changed more in the years between our childhood and the world our kids now live in? The internet and cell phones in particular have almost completely altered the experience of growing up.

Some of that’s good, like the ability to use the internet to find a new hobby, but far too often technology can have a negative effect on our kids. In order to combat this effect and help keep kids safe, many parents are turning to a cell phone monitoring service, such as TeenSafe. I think these types of services can be a big help for worried parents, so here’s a quick intro to what they are and how they work.

What Does a Monitoring Service Do?

For features, I’m gonna focus on TeenSafe because it’s really one of the best out there. With that service you’ll be able to track text messages and calls through a phone’s native apps. You’ll also be able to view WhatsApp and Kik messages.

The service will also allow you to view location data for the phone, both past and present. Finally, you’ll be able to view web history as well, in order to see what websites your child is visiting.

Why Monitor?

Deciding to use a monitoring service is a personal decision that each parent needs to make for themselves, but I can tell you some of the reasons I think they’re a good idea. One of the things I worry I about for my own family is the potential for cyberbullying.

A lot’s been said on the topic, so I’ll keep it brief here, but it’s not uncommon for a teen to be the victim of bullying online and never seek out a parent’s help. I also worry about the potential for online predators. Being able to monitor who your kid is talking to can really help protect against those who are seeking them out for harmful purposes.

Working Together

So if you do decide you want to use a monitoring service, how do you do so? Well beyond the nuts and bolts of the matter, I would highly recommend discussing the idea with your kid before you start. If you keep them included in the process and carefully explain why you think such a service is important, then everything will be much smoother and more effective.

One great suggestion I’ve read is to draw up a contract with your kid on how they’ll use their phone. This helps to establish boundaries and limits, but also creates a situation in which you’re both an equal partner in helping to keep them safe as they use technology. Communication is key.

Smartphones and the internet have certainly changed a lot about what it means to be a kid these days and in many ways that’s great. But as you’ve seen above, it also means a lot’s changed about being a parent as well. In my opinion, a good monitoring service, like TeenSafe, is an important part of raising kids safely. Consider using one to help protect your family as they begin to interact with the world at large.