Home Improvement Tips From Horror Movies With Terrifying Basements


When you watch a horror movie, you probably aren’t thinking about how that horror movie may be showcasing some interesting home improvement tips. However, the truth of the matter is that horror movies can absolutely give you some life lessons that you may not have been expecting. Consider these horror movies with terrifying basements, then take a look at some of the ones that will offer you intriguing home improvement tips.

The Exorcist: Clean Out Your Basement

In The Exorcist, the basement makes a very minor but very important appearance near the beginning of the movie. It’s where the main character, 12-year-old Regan, finds a Ouija board that she uses to communicate with the demon that terrorizes her and her family throughout the movie. Sure, it’s scary, but it’s also an indicator of a very real interior decorating concept: every so often, it’s a good idea to go through the things you stored in your basement and clean out anything you’re never going to use again.

The Grudge: Light Your Basement Well

One of the scariest moments in The Grudge is when Muldoon enters the basement. In this scene, the only source of light is Muldoon’s flashlight, which she tries to use so she can see what’s happening in the basement. This ultra-scary scene, where she only has a flashlight to see what’s going on, could have been avoided if the basement had adequate lighting. This can serve as a reminder to you that you should always make sure your basement is well-lit.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Design Is Everything

One of the most important concepts of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the idea that design is important. In fact, The Rocky Horror Picture Show had a huge impact on punk fashion as a whole when it first premiered back in 1975. The interior design of the British castle that serves as the backdrop to most of the movie is as deliberately chosen as the fashion the characters are wearing. As you watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show, think about how the design influences your view of the characters and the setting.

The Amityville Horror: Always Do an Inspection Yourself

The Amityville Horror is supposed to be a true story. Although some people aren’t totally convinced of the veracity of the story it’s telling, the goings-on of the movie are certainly more terrifying if you imagine that they happened to a real family. One of the scarier things is the existence of the “Red Room” in the basement, which is a small crimson basement room that none of the building plans included. If the family had done their own thorough inspection of the home before moving in, as you should do, they would have noticed this factor earlier.

Get Out: Interior Is As Important As Exterior

One of the tools Get Out uses to construct a truly eerie story is the way it flips many longstanding horror movie tropes on their head. The outside of the movie in which most of the story takes place is truly beautiful, and it sets most people at ease. However, in the basement of the home, some truly terrifying things are taking place, including transposing human consciousness. The story clearly illustrates the fact that the interior of a home is just as important as the exterior, which is an important concept in design as well.


As you can see from all these horror movies, there are plenty of general lessons that are just as applicable to interior design as they are to horror. No matter what your interior décor style is, you should definitely pursue it. Consider the interior design concepts that horror movies are trying to teach you next time you watch one.

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