Handmade Happiness: 10 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners



Now that you’ve acquired a brand-new sewing machine, it would be unwise of you to let it sit there and collect dust yet there are a lot of beginner-friendly projects you can do with it. Don’t even feel nervous that because you lack the basic sewing concepts, you might sew some poor patterns.

Right here, you are at home, and the sewing projects you will learn are the simplest ever!

 Just a simple piece of fabric and you start sewing the most beautiful napkins, table mats and pretty much anything you love. The beauty with these easy projects is that nearly all of them don’t really require any special sewing skills and expertise or any prior experience. You will take a few moments of your time, and within no time, you will be enjoying every bit of your newly acquired skill.

There are tons of fun seamstress sewing projects for you to start with. No YouTube videos, no long and tedious tutorials, and no paid-for sewing lessons. Before you get ready to get excited with some super-fantastic creations made by you, first get acquainted with the following sewing tips for beginners.

Important sewing tips for Do-it-Yourself sewing moms

  • Sewing pins are necessary, similar to pin cushions; you will need them.
  • Understand a little about thread weights because threads vary according to size.
  • Learn how to finish seams without a fabric serger.
  • Have all the fabric you need before you start sewing.
  • Patience and persistence is key to sewing spectacularly; after all, practice makes perfect.

The best sewing machines for beginners vary, although anything Brother, Janome, and Singer are okay. If you’re stuck, this company doesn’t disappoint!

Ten Straightforward and Beginner-Friendly DIY Sewing Projects

 There are hundreds of easy, beginner-friendly sewing projects. However, this list highlights the simple ones that would probably take a sewing greenhorn less than 30 minutes to understand and create beautiful creations. Remember, they are exclusively ideal for beginners!

Let’s get started:

 A lovely and super-practical Heart Coaster

Ideal for your Valentine’s Day celebrations, this simple fabric heart coaster is incredibly easy to sew on your own, whether you understand the inverse applique method or not.

The main requirements:

  • Any 3 squares of the main fabric of your preference; one for the heart, another for batting, and a heart template.
  • Coordinating thread
  • Marker pen
  • A needle – for hand sewing.

After you’ve pinned one fabric to the other using the pins and traced the heart, sew right on the traced lines. Be sure to follow the rest of the tutorial here.

A DIY fabric summer bucket hat

 As an essential summer outfit, a bucket hat is worth sewing right at home. You may even create a couple of them for every member of your family and some more to sell.

You need the following:

  • 1/2 yard linen
  • 1/2 yard quilting cotton and a matching thread
  • 2½ yards trim
  • 3 yards of fusible midweight fabric for collars and cuffs

A Phone Charging Station

 With a hand-made smartphone charging station, you will never struggle to find a place to charge your phone again. Just a fabric in two coordinating patterns and the following requirements and you are good to go:

  • 10×5″ piece fusible fleece
  • 10×5″ piece Peltex
  • Marker pen
  • 9/16″ plastic curtain grommet
  • Coordinating thread and sewing needle.

A Nice, Easy Clutch Handbag

 During one of those lazy afternoons when you’ve got nothing worthwhile to do, here’s the ultimate plan. Sew a lovely accessory that would go well with your outfit – wristlet clutch handbag. You don’t need any unique fabric to get started!

With the following, trust me you’ll be fine.

  • Fusible fleece
  • Marker pen
  • Nylon cording
  • Coordinating thread
  • Snaps and snap-setting tool
  • A short necklace and a decorative brooch

A Drawstick Bag

 If you always lose those clothes pegs or your little son is fond of destroying his plaything, this bag is for you. It’s the perfect thing to safely store all those tiny, important ‘nothings’ in your household. You only need a little afternoon, and it’s over.

What’s needed:

  • A sizeable piece of fabric – if it’s beautiful, the better.
  • A yard of ribbon.

 Knotted Baby Headbands

 Your little girl deserves to look amazing and nothing is sure to make her look incredible than with a headband tying her cute hair. But you shouldn’t buy one when all you need is that fabric at home and a couple of minutes of sewing.

Wondering how it’s done?

Well, worry not. This, right here, is a 5-minute procedure, specifically customized for sewing moms like you. You can use any knit fabric, although if it’s elastic then it’s better.

A Beautiful, Flattering A-Line skirt

 Every A-Line skirt is cute and it’s a perfect casual outfit as it is official office wear, no wonder they are expensive. However, you can use your DIY sewing skills and this easy-to-follow tutorial to sew one for yourself.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Medium weight fabric
  • A thread and a matching zipper.

Beginner or novice sewer, this project is for you. Remember, for it to hold its nice shape, you should either use a medium-weight twill or corduroy.

An Infinity Scarf

 Once the warm summer weather is gone and we all retreat back to our soft, cosy outfits, one piece you must have in your closet is a Loop Scarf. You don’t have to splurge and buy one when all you require, besides that sewing machine right there, is creativity and some DIY hand-sewing skills.

Whether you use a thin fabric or not, rest assured you’ll have a perfect winter scarf with flannel, wool or cotton. After all, it only requires some five minutes and your accessory is ready!

How to do it:

  • With a 1/2 yard of fabric – fold it in half to give you the longest length possible.
  • Next, cut it down the middle to create two long and equal strips.

For clarity purposes, here’s the rest of the procedure.

 Simple and beautiful DIY Rick Rack Dish Towel

 Well, this is probably the most straightforward project to sew at home. With just two white kitchen towels and four different lengths of rick rack (lengths can vary), your project is already half-done. The rest of the procedure is simple and straightforward, especially if you follow this guideline. You should, however, choose your favourite colour combinations and knit them together.

Easy DIY Bookmark

 This is for the ‘reading addicts’ and those who can’t go anywhere without a novel. You actually don’t require any special skill so that you craft a perfect companion for your hobby – an easy DIY Bookmark. Remember, the essence of having it longer is so that it wraps around the book and thus ensure you don’t lose the page, even when the book falls down.

  • Scraps of fabric
  • A little piece of elastic fabric.

The colour and pattern of each bookmark you choose to sew will depend on your preferences. With the following and a couple of minutes, your project will be ready.