The Grey Nomads – A Life of Adventure

Van Life

The great Australian outback provides a lot of opportunities for adventure and travel which is why the nomad caravanning lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular among the Aussie Grey Nomads.

For those who may not be aware, grey nomads refers to retirees and people approaching their retirement age who take the fun-filled, nomad lifestyle.

The Fun Life

The grey nomads are characterized by their sense of adventure, camaraderie and humor. Every year, thousands of retirees travel north in their motorcade caravans to enjoy the warm weather and experience life in the outdoors.

Many believe that the phenomenon is fueled as people’s ideas about ageing are changing.

In the old days, retirement was considered a time to go back to your estate and spend your days in peaceful quiet, reminiscing about your past glories. It would be the time to get your grand children to gather around and share stories about the adventures of youthful times.

Not anymore

Our grey nomads today are more active than ever, creating new and wonderful stories on amazing adventures rather than reliving the past.

Why People Join Grey Nomad LifeStyle

People who join the Nomad lifestyle come from all backgrounds. Many Grey Nomads have always had the spirit of adventure. They are well travelled through the Aussie countryside from an early age. Some of them are well travelled throughout the world.
Many grey nomads also come from the background of workaholics who never had an opportunity to travel much during their younger years. These people come to the nomadic lifestyle fascinated by it and often get the most out of it because the experience is completely new to them.

Have You Considered Becoming A Grey Nomad?

If you are the lively sort who has reached the retirement age but nowhere near done enjoying life and physically fit, you may want to join the growing Grey Nomad gang.

You can get tips on caravan travel here that are sure to bring you up to speed with how to plan your next adventure through the Australian countryside.

What Type of Grey Nomad Are You

Aussie Grey Nomads can be defined based on how well they prepare for their adventure; the spontaneous, the organized and the high maintenance.

The spontaneous grey nomads make plans on a whim and the most daring of the lot. They just get up and go, and sometimes not even sure where they will end up. This lot doesn’t mind getting into difficult survival conditions and travel without restraint or boundaries.

The organized grey nomads are the more cautious sort who plan and research their trips before setting off. They calculate fuel efficiency, book caravan parks, sort out their travel insurance and check the tickets. Always prepared for all sorts of emergencies, the organized nomads have just as much fun while ending up in the least amount of trouble.
Lastly, there is the high maintenance grey nomad who packs everything that they normally use in the home to make sure their trip remains as comfortable as possible. Because these nomads carry everything with them, they are able to carry on for weeks and even months without break. They pack hard and play even harder.