Double Glazing: 5 Reasons Why You Need It Installed Today


If you are improving your home, there are many possible ways that you might do it. Some of them might be for practical purposes, while other improvements might be purely for aesthetic reasons. If you’re thinking about double glazed windows Perth has several companies that can do it for you, and if your windows aren’t double glazed, it’s worth your consideration. Here are five of the reasons why double glazing is worth your while.

Thermal Performance

The thermal performance of your house refers to how much heat is escaping when you have the furnace on. When it’s cold out, and you have the heat cranked up, two identical homes could have dramatically different heating bills if one of them has double glazed windows and the other does not. Double glazing means that much less of the heat escapes, and over the course of several cold months, that money adds up quickly.

Sound Insulation

If you live alongside a busy highway or road, then the sound of car horns during rush hour isn’t likely to be music to your ears. By getting double glazed windows installed, you’re ensuring that you have to deal with much less of that annoying noise pollution. The flip side, of course, is that far less of the noise that you’re making inside the house leaks out. That means that if you’re having a loud party and the music is cranked up, double glazed windows make it much less likely that your neighbors will complain.


Double glazed windows stand the test of time as well. Because they are thicker and stronger, they can easily last you a couple of decades. Single-paned windows can grow weak over time, especially if they trace their installation back to when your home was first built. If you have no way of knowing when they were installed, it’s probably time to consider switching them out.


If you live in a spot with more than average crime, double glazed windows provide an additional layer of security, as they are much more difficult to break through than single-paned windows. Even if you do live in a safer area, you don’t know when someone passing by might want to test out the strength of your windows at ground level. Crimes of opportunity take place all the time, and double glazed windows present a significant deterrent.

Easy Maintenance

Double glazed windows are easy to maintain, too. All you have to do to keep them clean is to wipe the panes with standard glass cleaner, and the frames can be cleaned with soapy water. New windows are much easier to keep shiny than older ones.

Double glazed windows for your home are an investment, and they are one that you will not be sorry that you made. They will look much better than the old ones, and you’ll sleep safely at night knowing that the likelihood of someone breaking in that way is minute. The curbside appeal of your property will also come into play years later if you ever decide that it is time to sell.