5 Things Not to Miss On A Swiss Alps Vacation

Swiss Alps

If your breath is taken away every time you see beautiful landscapes, Switzerland is the place that should be on top of your “must places to visit” list. This country is famous for its speechless alpine sceneries, picturesque villages, deep blue lakes; it just feels like you are inside a fairytale movie set.

From amazing resorts to Swiss vacation houses, there are many options for you to choose what best suits your taste and wallet. You can find Inns and small hotels that have the authentic charm of the Swiss Alps or traditional Berghotels, mountain accommodations that you can find in remote settings with private rooms, amazing food and nice panoramas.

This country is not only the perfect place for a tranquil getaway, but it’s also really extreme and you can find adventure in every corner. From climbing, biking, hiking, skiing and much more. Italy, France, Germany and Austria border Switzerland, creating an interesting multicultural combination between their languages and traditions.

In this article you can find some tips for you to enjoy the best in Zermatt and Verbier, two destinations in the Swiss Alps.

Believe it or not, there is a place on earth that is car free. Zermatt is a unique village where you can walk everywhere or, for a change, experience a horse-drawn carriage ride. One of the highest mountains in the Alps is located here, and is called the Matterhorn, known as the iconic pointed peak of Switzerland.

Verbier on the other hand has been the choice for the rich and famous for long time. Both places are known for their glamorous resorts, nightlife and high-end restaurants. Mont-Fort, a 3330m glacier, is the highest point in this ski resort, also known for its breathtaking view.


In both places, the principal attraction has always been skiing. In Zermatt, you can find the largest summer ski area of Europe on the plateau rosa, near Italy. Verbier is also pretty big and much of the best skiing is off trail, making it a place for experienced and adrenaline lovers.

Extreme Sports

If you are looking for something else besides skiing, but you love extreme sports, mountain biking is an option on both destinations. The Verbier Bikepark, has seven downhill trails with different levels of difficulty for everyone to try. Zermatt is also known as the Mountain Bike Paradise, where you can experience 100 km of mountain bike tours at the foot of the Matterhorn.

Heli-skiing is something you have to try if you are an adrenaline fanatic. This activity fulfills two musts, skiing and a helicopter flight, perfect to absorb the stunning high alpine glacial landscapes.

Learn to paraglide, this sport is getting quite popular too. If you prefer feeling the clean mountain air in your face and flying by yourself, you can’t miss this opportunity. High alpine land covered with wild flowers, spectacular views of high peaks including the Matterhorn, are just some examples of what you be able to see from above. If you are planning to paraglide, try booking your flight in the morning when weather conditions are more predictable. This way you cab minimize the risk of a cancelation.


There are many routes for you to choose, the most famous are: “The five lakes walk” from Blauherd to Sunnegga, passing by five deep blue mountain lakes in the way. Watch the sunrise from the Brienz Rothorn, its view shows you the highest peaks of the Valais Alps. You will be bale to see unforgettable colors just before the sun comes out.

If you are in for the tough the Matterhorn Trek should be on your list. There are several tours but most of them are more than 2 days long. You’ll never regret doing it; only foot often reaches the most beautiful places. Besides, the trails are safe and signposts are everywhere for you find your way.

Prepare yourself and pack the essentials, that way you wont have any inconvenient. Take several layers of thin clothing (rain proof), which makes it more comfortable than a big coat, hiking boots, use one or two trekking poles, essential for a snowy terrain.

Culinary Tours

Here, hot chocolate at anytime will be your daily obsession. If you are an aficionado of this sweet, you have to book a Chocolate Tour in the place that was invented as we know it today. Experience workshops, excursions and dining experiences with leading chocolate makers.

If you find wine interesting and tasty, you can look for wine tasting tours. Locations like rustic wine cellars or an exclusive glacier palace, these tours offer an unforgettable experience for you to enjoy. Learn more about Swiss wine and finish your day with a gourmet banquet.

Switzerland is not only known for its milky chocolate, but also for its award winning cheeses. The Swiss invented fondue, raclette, gruyère and other amazing varieties of cheese. Spend a day visiting cheese factories and discovering the Swiss cuisine. Just for you to know, Switzerland has more Michelin stars per capita than any country in the world.


Swiss Alps are known for their amazing views and landscapes, but the weather is also really cold and having a nice place to stay is key for you to enjoy the best.

If you like being near nature, camping is also available. Look for a caravan during the winter, or use a tent in summer. There are many camping grounds where you can have running water facilities plus electrical and sanitary installations.