5 Clever Home Hacks That Will Bring Your Home to a New Level of Functionality

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It’s not about keeping up with the Joneses as much as it is continually improving your own home’s decor and functionality. As proud homeowners, we strive to make our house a place that we are comfortable in and enjoy living in as well as entertaining others in.

Luckily, technology continually helps us improve our homes easily and in often genius ways through new and improved home hacks regularly. Here are 5 hidden gems that you may not have heard of that will bring your home to a whole new level of functionality while increasing your aesthetics at the same time.

5 Clever Home Hacks for the DIYer

1. Did you know you’re drying your dishes wrong?

Instead of hand-drying your dishes or leaving them in a dish rack to dry, try taking a page from the Finnish style of cleaning. They put their wet dishes away in the cupboard, but unlike our American-style cabinets, they incorporate functionality with design.

Instead of solid shelves, in Finland, they install their dish cabinets over the sink and use slotted dish racks. This means that as soon as you wash the dish, you can put it away and let them dry over the sink.

2. Shower rods are not just for showers anymore.

These multi-purpose handy room savers, called tension rods, can be used in dozens of other ways. You can use them across your windows to hang plants and let them get their needed sunlight. You can install them in your closet to hang your shoes. And with a bit of creativity and an eye for decor, you can do just about anything else with them.

3. Your pots and pans can be decorative and functional.

When cabinet space is at a premium, grab some basic commercial hardware and hang your pots and pans on an empty wall, biggest to smallest, for a decorative touch that also gives you quick and easy access to your kitchen supplies.

4. Use your wall space for storage, too.

Empty walls throughout the house often get neglected and overlooked. Instead of hanging pictures on them, use shelves to add functionality to your home and eliminate extra clutter. Those pictures you were going to hang can sit on the shelves, and so can just about anything else you have lying around, making the most of the space you have.

5. Clean up your closet clutter with shower rings.

Shower rings actually have many functional uses, but one of the best outsides of hanging a shower curtain can be found in your closet. Instead of using space-clogging drawers or extra hangers, hang your jeans by a belt loop on shower hooks and let them hang full length. It’s less bulky than folding them on a hanger.

Home Hacks – Easy, Cheap and Functional!

With a few extra dollars to purchase some cheap hardware and a little bit of imagination, you can easily increase your home’s functionality while also improving each room’s overall aesthetics.

You don’t have to be an expert DIYer to make use of these easy and clever home hacks!