4 Kid-Friendly Things to do in Las Vegas


What comes to mind when one thinks of Las Vegas? Usually, we think of gambling, partying and other adult-themed activities.

After all, Las Vegas is called ‘Sin City’ for a reason, right? Because of its wild and fast reputation that has been cultivated over decades of pop culture depictions and word of mouth, Las Vegas doesn’t occur to many people as a place for a family holiday but rather one for bachelor parties and wild weekends.

However, this is not so. There are a number of activities that are available that make Las Vegas suitable for the whole family.

1.Themed Hotels:

This is great in the sense that it provides entertainment for the whole family without even leaving the hotel.

Las Vegas is home to a number of hotels that are designed after specific cities such as Paris and New York.

These hotels feature amazing replicas of famous monuments that one can spend days exploring.

Not only is this suitable for kids but is also a way to keep them entertained for days on end without having to spend any extra money or travel far from your hotel.

2.Amusement parks:

While people of all age enjoy amusement parks, kids are particularly fascinated by them.

Even though Las Vegas is more famous for its casinos, it is home to several amusement parks such as the Circus  Adventuredome Theme Park and the Magical forest.

These places would be a great idea for a family day out and with all the rides they feature, could require multiple trips to fully enjoy the experience.

If you are considering a family vacation to Las Vegas, you might want to add an amusement park to your list of planned activities.

3.A show or concert:

Las Vegas is home to a good number of amazing live shows and residencies, with family-friendly shows available.

First, there are a number of pop stars such as Mariah Carey and Britney Spears who have residency shows in Las Vegas throughout the year. This could be a great opportunity for the kids to see their favorite pop star live.

There are also a variety of non-musical shows such as magic shows and circus acts that the kids are sure to love.

If you are looking to see a Las Vegas Show, sites such as BestofVegas offer them at a great price.

4.Fremont Street Light Show:

Las Vegas is home to the famous Fremont street light show which displays every night.

The display is done on the world’s largest video screen. The show is a combination of music and lights from a live band.

Everyone likes a good light show and this could be an opportunity to take an evening stroll with the kids to catch the display. Best of all, this lights show is absolutely free.


While Las Vegas will always be known as Sin City, it doesn’t mean that it is an anti-child place to visit.

Consider one of the above activities for a fun-filled time with your kids.