10 Best Toys That Your Boy is Going to Love for Years to Come

Kids and toys

When you are looking for a gift that your boy will remember for years to come, remember that the saying ‘boys will be boys’ is a well-known cliché for a good reason. Take into consideration that your young boy may be the typical adventure-seeking, a messy monster that gets excited at the idea of all sorts of boyish adventures, but also remember to let your kid be happy no matter what- even if the typical boyish toys are not what he wants the most.

This list will help you to find the most memorable gift that your young boy will love for many years to come. To assist you with this challenge of finding the perfect toy, read throughout the top ten picks and find the right one for your little one.

Drone with Camera

While a drone may sound a little too advanced for your young one, the advancing robotics and drone technology mean that there are many different options- including drones for young boys. So if you are looking for a truly memorable gift to give your young one why not opt for a gift that they can capture unique memories with- like a drone with a camera attached? One particular drone is the USA Toyz UX5C. This is a quadcopter drone that has a camera that can take photos and videos in HD quality.

When you are looking for a drone for a young boy, look for one that is marketed as a ‘beginner drone’ and that already has a camera attached. Depending on how old your child is, look for a drone that has a simpler controller that the younger ages can easily use as well.

Electric Scooter

The electric scooter is a great choice because it can teach your child balance before they start using a regular bicycle, skateboard, or other sports equipment that requires balance.

This is a fun toy that can get your little one to enjoy the outdoors instead of being inside in front of screens like television, cellphone and computer monitors all day. While an electric scooter means that your boy won’t have to physically move his body too much, he will learn an acute sense of balance. Additionally, it can be a great opportunity where they learn how to care for their first ‘vehicle’. Read more here to find out how to shop for the perfect electric scooter.

Solar Robot

Buying your young man a robot kit can peak his interest in a promising field. Robotics is becoming increasingly promising in the STEM field and getting him one as a toy can encourage his interest in the field. Depending on his age, you will be able to find one that suits him the most- whether you want a more complicated one that will challenge his intellect or a simple robot like the OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot. The OWI 14-in-1 is a great option as it is a solar powered toy, introducing him at an early age to renewable and responsible energy resources and management.

Logic Puzzle Games

If you are looking for a toy that your boy can play but also provides him with some developmental encouragement, then a logic puzzle game is a good option. These types of games are designed to challenge a young mind and can help to combine play with critical thinking. What’s more, a logic puzzle game can encourage development with spatial intelligence, planning and logic.

Radio Controlled Extreme Car

Is your young buy a car or truck fan? Then consider getting him an extreme, off-road style radio controlled car. If your young son is around the age of 10, give or take a few years, then a radio controlled car which can drive over almost any and every terrain could be a great gift. The great thing about radio controlled toys is that they are excellent at helping to improve hand-eye coordination and can encourage their imagination as well.


Are you looking for a gift to help get your son moving? Or a gift that can help him to get accustomed to other board riding sports? Then the RipStik “G” Caster Board could be the right choice. This board is a great way to help kids get accustomed to board riding and can help teach them skills they will need on a snowboard, surfboard or skateboard.

Aside from helping to teach balance, the RipStick board is also a great way for your son to use his core muscles while still having fun.


LEGO has been (and will most probably be) one of the most popular toys of all time. What is their secret? Well, they have an innovative design team and a great marketing team as well. LEGO is always updating their products and releasing new, popular toys which young children will love to play with. What’s more, the LEGO-themed building kits will help you to find a LEGO kit that your son will love.


Another all-time great, why not get your son a new mountain bike? Whatever age your son is, you will be able to find a mountain bike to suit both his age and size.

Survival Books

Maybe your son is an outdoors fan, or maybe it is something that you want to encourage in your son. Either way, getting your son an outdoors survival book can open the door to many fun father and son weekends.

Bow and Arrow for Kids

Learning to use a bow and arrow is a skill that many people overlook. As a sport, archery can foster excellent hand-eye coordination as well as an acute sense of focus. Remember to choose a bow and arrow that is designed for young children and is safe to use.


These ten products are selected with the idea of combining developmental skills and play. Take your time to read through this list and select the type of gift idea that you think will benefit your son the most so that you can watch him grow and play.