Worried of Your Power Bills? 5 Air Conditioner Hacks to Slash Your Power Bills

Electric Bill

Air conditioning is such an essential part of modern life, especially during the summer months when temperatures can start to get unbearable. However, even short-term use of an air conditioning system can rack up your energy bills, leaving you out of pocket.

Nevertheless, instead of constantly struggling as to whether you should stay comfortable, or whether you should save money, today we’re going to explore five key ways you can balance the comfort of AC with the price.

#1 – Insulate Your Rooms

If your AC is working hard to bring down the room temperature, but there’s a ton of gaps and holes that your cool air is basically leaking out the room; you’re basically throwing money down the drain.

If you’re in a room that’s using AC, make sure you’re insulating that room to stop heat coming in and your cool air escaping, minimizing the amount of work your AC unit needs to do.

#2 – Think About Lighting

The lighting on your room is so important when it comes to temperature control and being mindful of how your room is lit is a great way to start bringing down your electricity bills. For example, if the sun is beaming through your window, the room is going to get hotter, and the AC will turn on.

However, if during the hottest parts of the day you’re putting some shade over your windows, this is a great way to minimize the risk of your room getting hotter. Be aware that electric lights also contribute heat that will raise the room temperature, so only use them if you have too!

#3 – Optimize Your Airflow

At night, you might use a fan to help circulate the air, or you might crack a window to let the hot air out and the cool air of the night in. However, if you’re mindful enough, you can optimize this airflow the greatest return.

By setting up fans to direct the air around the window, and only putting your AC on a low setting, you can stay cool throughout the night without having to spend a fortune. Also, make sure you’re maintaining the quality of your AC unit using a professional air conditioning repair company, so you can be sure your unit is working optimally.

#4 – Use Dry Mode

One of the best ways you can save money is by using your AC unit’s built-in Dry Mode. This may also be known as ‘dehumidifier’ mode which is designed to remove moisture and dampness from the air. This is a sure-fire way to bring down the humidity and temperature of the room without having actually to cool the air.

This is ideal for minimizing the amount of the power you would normally use actually to cool the air, meaning you’ll save money from the energy you’re not using. While not all AC units will have this mode, if you do, you’re in luck, especially if you live in a humid location.

#5 – Have House Plants

Going green can be a great way to ensure you’re keeping your home air cool without the use of AC. This is because plants create shade in any room they’re in, as well as helping to keep the air cool thanks to circulation.


As you can see, there are lots of ways you can help keep the air cool in your home and minimize the amount of time you need to spend using your aircon unit. Be mindful of your personal situation, and you’ll be able to cut your costs in no time at all!