My Travel to the UK and London Airport Transfer Information


Luckily my flight was very successful but the airport is mostly located a little bit outside thecity so I had to reach the center somehow. There are many ways to get to the city center but personally, during all of my travels, I chose They provide the best quality transfers. My London airport transfer was little bit time consuming but I was ready for that. The driver who took me from the airport was really talkative so I spent my trip in a really nice atmosphere. It also turned out that the driver knows the city very well so we were able to bypass the biggest traffic jams. He also gave me some trip advice but my plan for the journey had been ready for a really long time.

What have I seen in during this amazing trip?

I have to admit my London trip was one of the best-planned trips I have ever made. Every detail was really well organized, starting with London airport transfer to all the attractions I had a chance to visit. What were the things I have had an opportunity to see during this amazing trip? Check the attractions below!

1. Big Ben

It is commonly referred to as the highest clock tower of the British Parliament. The name actually refers to the huge clock in the tower. It weighs over 13 tons. The tower looks even better after dark when all 4 clock faces are highlighted. To get to this place, you can use London airport transfer, as Quicktransfer offers not only transfers to and from the airport.

2. Buckingham Palace

The main residence of the Queen of the United Kingdom. The palace is not available for sightseeing, except for a few summer months when you can see a dozen selected rooms. Every year, different rooms are available which gives some idea of ​​what royal life looks like. If you are visiting London outside the holiday season, you can admire the palace from the outside, watching the guards in their famous hats. Several times a day the ceremonial change of the guard takes place in front of the palace.

3. Tower Bridge

The most characteristic bridge in London. Two high towers at 45 meters linked by a rising part between them. This is one of the biggest bridges in London and whole Europe. Glass tunnel connecting two towers has been installed recently, allowing you to admire the panorama of London.

4. London Eye

A very popular tourist London attraction. On the south bank of the River Thames stands a great Ferris wheel. Getting to one of the ai images will let you admire the Thames and the panorama of London for about 45 minutes. Be prepared for long queues. This can be a very romantic journey and you can certainly see the most important buildings if the weather is good. There is a handy guide that you can buy with tickets.

5. Trafalgar Square

A square in central London, on which stands a 55-meter column of the aforementioned Admiral Nelson, commemorating his victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The square is a traditional venue for political rallies and New Year’s Eve parties.