Theme Park Experiences You Almost Overlooked in Orlando

No matter how many times you have visited Disney World or Universal Studios, there is always more to see and do within the parks. Designed to keep repeat visitors on their toes, each of the theme parks incorporates hidden experiences and sights you can seek out to make your next trip special. With planning and a little research using an Orlando city guide ahead of time, you can find these treasures. The following are some of the hidden details and less well-known destinations that are worth trying to see on your next theme park visit.

Interactive Wands, Wizarding World of Harry Potter

TheBakingBird.comPurchase a wand at Universal Studios and you’ll be given the choice between a regular version and an interactive version. While the interactive version costs a little more, it allows you to access special experiences all over the Wizarding World, marked on a map and with signs. You can use the wand to cast spells to make items in shop windows move, trigger sounds, and even make a rain shower. Casting a spell can be tricky at first, but Universal employees are stationed close to these areas during peak times to help you get the hang of it.

Hidden Mickeys, Walt Disney World

Looking for hidden Mickeys is a great way to pass time while waiting in line for an attraction or checking in at a Disney property hotel. Mickey heads are built into the design and décor of a variety of attractions and buildings at Walt Disney World. Visitors to the parks have reported more than 1,000 hidden Mickeys in total, and as new attractions go up, the number continues to increase. If you are traveling with kids, it can be a fun family activity to compete to see who can spot the most each day or within each park.

The Kiss Goodnight, Magic Kingdom

By the end of your day at the Magic Kingdom, you’re likely exhausted and ready to get back to your hotel. If you are running a little behind trying to get out of the park, take a moment to stop at Cinderella’s Castle. The Kiss Goodnight is a short closing ceremony that incorporates the use of music and a light show on the castle, which adds a touch of Disney magic to the end of each day.

Living With the Land, Epcot

Tucked into a corner of a crowded pavilion in Epcot, it’s easy to miss this ride or write it off as a bore. But Living with the Land is a fascinating boat tour of the Disney greenhouses, where fresh food is grown for use throughout the properties. A boat winds its way through plant beds, fish tanks, and more, as a narrator explains the many different varieties and the innovative ways they are grown. Look for the Mickey shaped pumpkins and hefty 9-pound lemons.

These are just a few of the hidden experiences tucked within central Florida’s most popular theme parks. The more you visit and venture off the beaten path, the more of these details you will find.