5 Ways to Increase Productivity in the Office

Do you dread going to the office today? Are you feeling overwhelmed and overworked. No matter how much we get done during the day, we always wish we could be more productive. That said, there are a number of simple things we can do to help us get our work done. Here are five tips for being more productive in the office.

Make a To Do List

Having a to do list ready before you come into work can instantly make you more productive. Being able to see everything you need to do makes it much easier to get done. If you try to keep everything in your head, you’ll only confuse and overwhelm yourself. You’re also more likely to forget something important. Crossing things off the list is also a great way to motivate yourself throughout the day.

Focus on smaller items first

A good rule of thumb is, “If you can complete a task in two minutes or less, do it first.” For example, let’s say you have an important email to write. You know it’s not going to take all day, but it’s still something that needs to get done. This is an example of something you’d want to cross off the list early in the day. Completing these smaller tasks first gets them out of the way so you can focus on bigger things.

Don’t multi-task

Multi-tasking just doesn’t work. Having to juggle too many things at once only confuses you and makes it harder to get things done. It can also add unnecessary stress to our work. The best way to complete an assignment is to attack it with laser like focus. It may not feel like you’re getting as much done at first, but once you try this a few times, you’ll find your crossing things off your to do list at a much faster rate.

Minimize distractions

This is probably the thing that’s standing in the way of your productivity more than anything else. In today’s society, we’re being bombarded with distractions at all times. You might cross something off your to do list and feel tempted to surf Facebook or play on your phone. However, five minutes can easily turn into half an hour. Resist the urge. Instead of letting yourself get lazy, keep up your momentum and focus on the next task. It’s also important to block out external distractions while you’re working. I personally prefer to wear earbuds while I’m working to cut off the outside world.

Take care of your health

This is one thing that many people underestimate. The truth is, it’s hard to motivate yourself to work if you have no energy. Many people don’t realize how much of a difference this makes until they start taking better care of themselves. So find time to exercise. Go to bed early. Learn to eat healthier. No matter how busy you are, you always want to make your health a priority.