Holiday Guide For The Cyclist On Your List


Being passionate about a hobby is a blessing for you and for the people who feel obligated to buy holiday gifts for you.  Nothing is harder than trying to choose a gift for someone nondescript.

If you are buying a Christmas gift for someone who loves riding bicycles, there are two obvious courses of action.  The first is to buy the person a new bike. The second is to buy accessories or gear to make the recipient’s experience of riding his or her current bike even more enjoyable.

Ordering a Customized Bike

If you are buying a beach cruiser bike for a family member, it is best to let them choose the specifications of their bike.  Even if you are an expert on bikes, it is hard to guess exactly which style of bike the recipient will want.  Have the recipient play around with the bike customizing feature on the sixthreezero website and design a wishlist of a few bikes.  Then choose one of them as a surprise.

Bike Accessories as Gifts

If your family member is happy with his or her current bike, you can always buy a gift for the bike.  Here are some bike accessories that make great gifts:

  • Smartphone holders that fit on the handlebars
  • Device that sends automatic alerts to the rider’s emergency contact
  • GPS navigation system for the bike
  • LED light rope to make the bike visible during nighttime rides
  • Wall-mounted bike hangers
  • Arm warmers to wear during outdoor winter rides

Gifts for bicyclists do not have to be cheesy or pointless.  Buying a new women’s  or men’s bicycle for a loved one also does not have to be prohibitively expensive.  At the sixthreezero website, it is easy to design a customized bicycle for less than $300.  If the bicyclist in your life already has a great bike, then accessories are the way to go.