8 Great Gift Ideas for College Girls

College Gifts

It can be difficult choosing a gift for someone but college girls especially. Many college students are in a transitional point in their lives as they cross over from adolescence into independent adults. Their interests and needs change and there are some items that are especially great for girls currently going through college. Learning about campus Greek life and fashion can seem intimidating, but there are sites that can help such as on websites like Greek U, which provides information that is essential for understanding and integrating into the college community.

Greek Letter Shirts

To a sorority girl, a Greek letter shirt is a must to represent their sorority. Being a member of a sorority is a special thing and it’s no surprise that many like to show off their membership status. Many keep sorority items long after they graduate as keepsakes, and so a good quality Greek letter shirt would make a wonderful item both to wear but also as a memento for their time in college and the memories and friendships built within their sorority.

Monogrammed Bath Sets

When going off to college many students don’t immediately consider the value of personal towels and bath sets: towels, wash cloths, a tooth paste holder, and so on. For hygiene purposes a student will want their own set for personal use. The only issue is that regular cheap sets can easily be mistaken for someone else’s, but less so when these items are clearly personalized. It makes for a really nice gift idea that can be appreciated by just about any college student.

Monthly Planner

It may seem boring gifting someone some stationary, but there is potential for some really nice, high quality items. A beautifully designed monthly planner is a must for many students as college will keep them busy between classes, studying, any clubs or extracurricular activities, work, and any other errands or chores that need to be done now that they are functioning adults. That’s not even considering if they have a social life! A planner can keep a student’s life organized and on track and can also be heavily customized, so don’t underestimate the value of this much needed practical item.

Phone Accessories

When going away to college a phone will very often become a student’s life. It’s convenient for the many apps available, but it is also the primary method of communication for students and their friends and family members back home. A sturdy case, wireless charging devices, a portable battery/charger to double a phone’s battery life, or larger memory cards are always a great idea as mobile phones have become more central to everyday life.

Spirit Jerseys

One of the best ways to show off pride in one’s sorority or college team is to wear it proudly. A spirit jersey isn’t an actual sports jersey but in fact are meant for everyday wear. They are often made of comfortable soft cotton with long sleeves. While spirit jerseys are unisex they are most popular among women and are both fashionable and practical.

Music Streaming & Speakers

Many people love music, and for students it is especially great for working out, studying, or even just relaxing after a long day of classes. Nowadays everyone streams music, CDs are expensive and you’re limited only to the specific band and music on the CDs.

The radio can be good, but they tend to overplay popular songs and are filled with constant advertisements. Streaming is the way to go nowadays, and a monthly subscription to a streaming service such as Spotify or Pandora gives a lot of options on or offline for relatively cheap. Want something physical that can be upwrapped – add on a bluetooth speaker that can connect wirelessly to a laptop. Speakers provide better sound quality than most laptops can offer and so it is a nice addition for any music loving student.

Lots of Leggings

Leggings, or Yoga Pants, have been a popular fashion trend in the last several years and for good reason. They are comfortable for hours, can be used for work outs or just relaxing at the dorm, and look great with longer or oversized shirts, tank tops, and sweaters. Looking around any college campus one is bound to see dozens of girls wearing leggings and so having more to add to the collection is always a must.

Stylish Backpacks or Messenger Bags

Most students will need a bag to transport their laptop, notes, or text books from class to class. Backpacks can regularly be worn out due to heavy use and a quality one can be pretty expensive. A stylish messenger bag or backpack with plenty of storage space and made from durable, comfortable material such as leather will make any student happy.

When it comes to gift giving of course the personal preferences of the recipient should always be considered. There is no definitive list of what would make the perfect gift for every college student. It would be good to approach this list as a point to leap from.