Fitness Through Yoga: Popular Poses for Beginners


Yoga is one of the few workout styles with mind, body and soul benefits. Since it is a physical activity that has been around for many centuries, it has aided many generations in maintaining fitness and health. If you are a beginner in yoga, everything could look overwhelming especially after reading about the many poses that you can try. Yoga works in steps, and what is good for beginners may not work well for the experienced yogis. So, it is best to understand the poses that are suitable for your level. For today, we will take you through poses that are best for beginners.


This is a move that appears in many workout routines apart from yoga. And it is always one of the best for beginners at any level. Planks are as simple as lying on the ground on your stomach and raising your body so that both the hands and the toes are the pivot points. From this position, you will hold for a couple of minutes so that the abdominal muscles and the hips will be worked out. Relax and repeat the plank position for a couple more times.

Kid’s Pose

This is popular after engaging in more vigorous poses when you need to bring the body to rest. It is also known to soothe the spine from pain caused by poor sitting posture or working for long hours while standing. Put your feet together and kneel down. Lower the entire body as low as possible as you sit on your heels. Bring the forehead to the ground and stretch your arms forward. Hold this position for some time as you relax and take deep but regulated breaths.


Have you ever wondered how athletes gain stability? This is one of the moves they rarely leave behind when stretching. More so, those who use fitness enhancement gear from reputable websites like SteroidsFax claim that this yoga pose prepares the body well for extreme exercise. For a person doing yoga only, the pose has more benefits than you can imagine. It will ensure that your breathing is stabilized.


This yoga pose will improve the thoracic muscles and the abs by stretching them. Likewise, it will revitalize the entire body as it gives you an opportunity to take deep breaths and hold them in. Simply, a person lies on the stomach parallel to the ground and only raises the chest area and the head as high as possible. You can hold this position for more than 5 seconds to get the best results.


The last pose to discuss is the triangle pose. People do it in a variation of ways, but the idea is to touch the ground with one hand while stretching the other hand high in the air. A person has to be standing with the legs apart when doing this. The areas targeted include the abs, glutes and hamstrings. Once the desired position is achieved, you will need to hold for about 5 seconds before changing to the other side.

Any person can benefit from these yoga poses. But the main beneficiaries are the beginners since these poses are simple and straightforward. ¡