Do It Yourself: 5 Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Home Repairs

Building or buying a home is an expensive process. However, homeowners know that expenses do not end here. Once you move in, you will be required to conduct regular repair and maintenance routines to ensure that your premises remain in prime condition.

Home repair tasks vary in complexity. To save money, it is recommendable to do the easier jobs on your own (or with local help). There are several resources online to assist you in this regard. Where the task at hand requires skilled labor, it is advisable to enlist the services of professionals such as Systematic Mechanical Contractors, LLC. This is because attempting to perform such tasks may cause further damage, leading to costlier charges when you eventually get help.

Some of the easy tasks that you can do yourself include:

Fixing Leaky Pipes

Broken or loose pipes are common occurrences in the kitchen and bathrooms. If you can see the loose joint, you can simply tighten it using a wrench. Likewise, small breakages can be easily fixed by fitting in replacements.

However, if the leak is internal, you will be better off calling a professional plumber. Remember, the entire piping system should be shut down when conducting repairs.


Painting in itself is a considerably easy task. The real challenge, however, is in mixing the paints. Too much thinning (or watering) can result in a poor mixture which will obviously translate into a low-quality output. In addition, painting involves a lot of climbing, meaning that the ladders used should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the painter.

Low-voltage Electricity Repairs

Electrical repairs are characteristically expensive. Although mishandling electricity has hazardous effects, this should not discourage you from attempting simple repairs. Low voltage projects such as fixing lights, sockets and installing fans can be easily learned using online resources. However, if you do not feel confident, or the project exceeds 50 volts, it is advisable to call for help.

Unclogging Toilets and Sinks

A blocked drainage system can be easily fixed without needing the input of a plumber. Depending on what is clogged, you can use either a sink or toilet plunger. The head of the plunger must be submerged during operation.

Where the clogs are tough, a plunger may not suffice. Instead, you can use a toilet auger to remove the clog.

Cleaning Gutters

Besides being an eyesore, a dirty gutter has several adverse implications, including logging of pipes, rotting, and molding. It is imperative to marinating a clean gutter to avoid such kinds of mess. Ideally, the cleaning should be during in spring and autumn.

Similar to painting, this task requires a firm ladder and support from another person.


Evidently, Do It Yourself (DIY) tasks can significantly increase the savings that would have otherwise been spent on paying professionals. Moreover, you can use your acquired skill to assist others (for a fee if you wish to). The most important consideration is ensuring that you do not expose yourself to hazards.