Child-Friendly Redmond Restaurants You’ll Love Too


We’ve all been there: The kids are screaming, you can’t summon the energy to march through another dinnertime ritual, everyone is tired from travel and exploration throughout the day, and the littlest one is a picky eater. The good news is, Redmond, Washington, is teeming with restaurants sure to meet the needs of every family member.

Perfect for Picky Eaters

Any successful pitch to get kids to try a place begins with “They have French fries….” This is definitely true of local favorite The Tipsy Cow, but it offers equally enticing comfort fare for parents. A bright, raucous ambiance welcomes in the noisiest of families, while adorable stuffed cows, cow quips on the walls, and cow coloring pages will put a smile on anyone’s face. So will the creative burgers made of everything from buffalo to black bean. The kids’ menu offers the expected chicken strips and hot dogs, but also unexpected sophistication like “Kids’ Caesar Salad” and straight-up indulgences like root beer floats.

Anytime Family Dining

Staying at a Redmond hotel, and looking for somewhere to bring the kids after they roust you out of bed? Try the Pomegranate Bistro, which opens for breakfast at a bleary-eyed 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. for brunch. Run by a popular local caterer, Pomegranate knows how to hit everybody’s sweet spot with fresh-baked cinnamon-kissed specialties like their giant cinnamon roll and Savannah hot puffs, drenched in creme anglaise. They also have healthier options on a kids’ menu, and globe-trotting offerings ranging from Mexican sope to South Caroline shrimp & grits.  More to the point, they have plenty of seats and a reputation for fast services to fill those little mouths fast.

Plentiful Pizza

Even the pickiest eater can’t say no to pizza for lunch, especially when it’s as much fun as at Flying Saucer Pizza. This pizza cafe’s Sci-Fi theme pervades the walls in the form of campy posters and decor, and its menu includes hilariously named pies like “Cosmic Clucker” (roasted chicken and artichoke hearts) and “Soylent Green” (pesto, not people). Kids will love the mini personal pan pizzas, as well as the wide variety of highly kid-friendly ingredients.

Food & Games

A completely different spin on family dining can be found in nearby Bellevue at Mox Boarding House. That’s because this eatery also contains a board game store and a gaming room that hosts “Magic: The Gathering” tournaments. But, you can also play family board games while you nibble on grilled cheese, nachos, and beef chili. Wash it down with one of 12 flavors of housemade Italian sodas, and finish it off with a S’mores Chip sundae. Everyone’s a winner!

And when night falls, did you ever think you’d take the kids to a bar? Turn “the witching hour” to happy hour at Redmond’s Bar & Grill, which features an extensive kids’ dinner menu, shuffleboard to play, and large screens showing sports – but without that “sports bar” feel.

That’s the secret to Redmond; just because you have little ones doesn’t mean you have to eat “downscale.” Try out one of these interesting spots during your next visit.