5 Common Car Accident Myths

Car Accident

Unfortunately, there is an amazing amount of misinformation out there when it comes to personal injury attorneys. The most salacious items tend to grab headlines, not the thousands of cases handled with dignity for clients that got what they deserved.

Attorneys that practice personal injury law have likely heard at least a few of the below myths. It can be frustrating, as they are simply not true. If you find yourself or know a loved one involved in a serious accident, it may be smart to consult with a car accident or wrongful death lawyer.

1. You are required to give the insurance company a recorded statement: This is false, and unfortunately, it’s a trap that many people fall into and derail their chance at getting a fair settlement. Insurance companies try and get you to make statements, then use any contradiction – no matter how small – against you. Speak with a personal injury attorney before settling or agreeing to anything with the insurance company.

2. All lawyers have the same ability, resources and experience: Like any profession, attorneys that do a good job and have high moral standards should stand out from the pack. Lawyers that advertise and promise quick results and large settlements don’t have your best interest in mind. There’s no way to guarantee a result. Some lawyers have expertise in one area of law and are weaker in others. Don’t just hire the first attorney you find.

3. The at-fault driver’s insurance is required to pay your medical bills as they come due: Neither side – the victim or the at-fault driver – is required to pay any medical bills for the other party until a settlement or trial verdict is reached. Insurance disputes and where liability lies can lead to expensive cases, and having an attorney on your side could mean all the difference.

4. The court system is set up for people to get rich: False. The court system is designed to protect the rights of citizens. After an accident, establishing negligence and getting justice is important. These cases can take significant time to settle.

5. There is a formula for determining settlement values: No two cases are the same. You may find lawyers that have a “settlement calculator,” and tell you what you may receive at the end of the case. Do not fall for this trick.