Best Places for a Nature Trip in the UK


The UK has some amazing geography and scenery for when you want to absolutely relax in nature. It can be completely serene to just lose yourself amidst gorgeous scenery, and to get away from all the hustle and bustle of fast city life. There’s nothing quite like a refreshing trip to recharge your batteries.

Loch Awe

Truly a place worthy of its name, Loch Awe is absolutely stunning and breathtaking. Loch Ness might be Scotland’s most popular loch, but there are a plethora of other lochs to see and experience, that it’s a shame to not see them. The scenery around Loch Awe is beautiful to look at to say the least, as it’s a glassy expanse of water that’s only going to get prettier to see with each passing moment. The many castles in the region add another layer of beauty, like the fascinating Kilchurn Castle on the loch’s northern shore.

Hendrhyd Falls

One of those places that you really have to witness for yourself, when standing below Hendrhyd Falls it feels as if the heavens had opened up. Its roaring waters can be heard even well downstream, but it’s best experienced from well behind the waterfalls inside the rocks. And when the temperatures plummet well below zero in the winter, you’ll see an awe-inspiring sight when everything freezes and you’re treated to fairytale scenery that’s truly hard to forget.

Perran Springs

If you’re the kind of person that likes to feel as if in a tranquil valley, and would like the opportunity to explore, then Perran Springs is the ideal place. Gorgeous, calm, and serene, it has the best campsites in Cornwall, and it’s absolutely a place to get lost in and just relax. There’s no place like it if you want to refresh from a stressful life. The address is Perran Springs Holiday Park, Goonhaven, Truro, Cornwall TR4 9Qg. Make sure to check it out.

Bentley Wood

A site of special scientific interest, Bentley Wood is a gorgeous woodland that is the home of many unique butterfly species. There’s something special about Bentley Wood, as it’s a very picturesque spot with gorgeous scenery, and once the butterflies start dancing around you, it does start to feel magical. Quite easy and fast to get around in, it’s clearly signposted, and very unforgettable.

Duncasby Stacks

The sandstone coastlands of the Scottish Highlands is the place to see if you’re looking for some natural artistry. The North Atlantic has carved some absolutely breathtaking scenery, one that you should see at the first opportunity, as it feels like you’re standing in a fantasy world somewhere far away. It’s also interesting to note that even on good weather you’re more likely to see a puffin than a human, so it’s a great place to see if you want to feel a little isolated.

There’s no shortage of amazing places in the UK. All of them gorgeous and beautiful, nature has definitely done its best when it comes to these regions.