5 Unique New York Birthday Celebration Ideas

New YorkNew York City is an enormous place that allows for adventures of all kinds. A birthday party can be an incredible adventure with the right people, and at the right place. Since New York is the city that never sleeps, you can create a birthday adventure for any part of the day. Instead of ordering a cake, or maybe going out for a drink, try to create something new and unique so that your friend or loved one will remember it for years to come.


Organize a Themed Party

For the past few years, themed parties have seen an increased popularity. It’s always fun to dress up as your favorite characters, or to dress up according to a specific theme. Pirates, the 80s, Victorian Era, there is no shortage of different themes to try out. All you need is to find a good place where you can host the party, like NY Party Hall, for example, and then you’re good to go.

See a Sports Match of One of the Home Teams

Almost everybody likes sports, and New York is a city where sports is a big deal. There many different teams based in the Big Apple. Baseball, basketball, baseball, and practically every other sport has its own New York based team. Seeing a game in one of New York’s many stadiums is an adventure onto itself. Nothing beats having a good time while cheering for a team with your closest friends or loved one. Also, junk food calories don’t count on a birthday.

Try Your Hand at Escaping a Room

If you believe you and your friends are up to the task, then escaping a locked room is an awesome way to celebrate a birthday. Locked rooms are always filled with memorable puzzles, riddles, and mysteries. It’s practically guaranteed that whoever enters ones will leave with a smile on their face. Who needs cake when you can become a detective and figure out clues to unlock an unlockable door?

Enjoy a Broadway Show

Okay, this one is definitely a bit on the tourist side of things. However, not everyone has seen a Broadway show, and it is something that a lot of people want to do. If you manage to get good seats for Broadway, then it’s for certain that the birthday-person will enjoy it. After all, Broadway is always a memorable experience.

Do a NYC Heli Tour

New York City’s skyline is arguably the most iconic in the world. There are so many unique and memorable buildings filled with decades and decades of history. A helicopter tour that showcases New York’s iconic skyline, filled with champagne and good company, can be a unique celebration that won’t be forgotten about for years to come. Once you toast for good health and see New York below you, you’ll know that you’ve made a good choice.


There’s just something special about throwing a unique birthday party in New York. The city is unforgettable by itself, and once you add a unique party to the mix, then you’ll have created memories that will last forever.