Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Holy Crap, It's Cold!

My instagram feed and Twitter feeds have been clogged with nothing but tweets and posts about this whole Polar Vortex system that is attacking the East Coast.

And I have to join in on the game because DAMN! It's Cold!

And yes, I live in Florida and yes, while it's -78 in Alaska, it's 35 in Orlando and 35 degrees to a Floridian is -78 to an Alaskan.


I also keep seeing a lot of haters dissing my state right now because we will be in the 80s by Friday… and I can't do anything about that. Yes, we will be back in shorts and flip flops this weekend and we will probably be at the lake fishing in the sunshine.

But this is why I live in Florida not Alaska. I would never, ever last in cold weather for long periods of time. I mean, come on, this polar vortex has messed me all up. I was worried about bundling my kids up like eskimos and making sure every inch of skin was covered. You would think I was in Alaska!

I have to give props to those that are suffering with the weather and extend an invite to Sunny Florida.

Come on down, the weather (will be) fine!

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FloridaMommy said...

I moved down here 2.5 years ago from Boston and I have to say, I don't miss it one bit! They have 14 inches of snow up there right now and while it's cold today, In the mid 40's. I don't envy the north what so ever!