Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Butterfly

Walgreen's Up Market: Fresh Bus Tour!

Last week, Walgreen's latest came rolling through the Orlando area. 

The Up Market: Fresh Bus Tour came in on a custom-made, 40 ft bus and stopped at local Walgreens to provide residents samples of its new innovative FRESH food and refreshments. 

Side note here: I love that Walgreens is doing this. I don't know about you, but I hate going to the grocery store. I prefer to make a quick trip to my Walgreens to pick up some items and I love that they are now going to have fresh food for me to pick up when I'm getting my milk, my scripts and the latest gossip magazine. It's a win-win situation!  

This event rolled through 15 Walgreens stores in the area and their goal was to transform the typical drug store into a health and living store.

The stores have been redesigned and now offer the following cool things:

  • "A pharmacist located in front of the pharmacy, offering a greater opportunity for patient consultation and health care services such as vaccinations and health testing;
  • A new Walgreens staff member called a Health Guide, equipped with an iPad and available to answer product and service questions, helps customers navigate the store and their health care options and sign up for events;
  • Take Care Clinics, located in a limited number of stores, offer walk-in, accessible and affordable health care services provided by nurse practitioners;
  • Fresh food, including fruits and vegetables, meats, prepared salads, sandwiches, wraps, take-and-bake pizzas and other on-the-go meal options;
  • An enhanced beauty department display featuring prestige and niche cosmetic, skincare and hair care brands not typically found in drugstores;
  • Web pickup service that allows customers to shop online and pick up the order at their neighborhood Walgreens;
  • Express Rx or self-serve touch-screen kiosks that allow patients to quickly pick up and pay for prescriptions refills that they have ordered ahead of time."
Pretty nifty, huh?

To celebrate the Up Market: Fresh Bus Tour, I'm giving away three, yes THREE, $25 Walgreens gift cards!

All you need to do tell me what new, fresh convenient items that Walgreens is offering is right up your alley.

Easy, huh?

You can get more information about the Up Market: Fresh Bus by visiting this website and following along on Twitter @upmarketfresh

This giveaway will run until March 15, 2013 and is open to US residents.


I received compensation for this post. All opinions are mine! Thanks, FTC!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Touch a Truck @ UCF!

Looking for a great event this weekend?

Check this out:

"Global Spectrum, managers of the UCF Arena, will host Touch-a-Truck, a hands-on educational event, on Saturday, February 23 from 12 pm to 4 pm at UCF Arena. This interactive experience for kids of all ages is FREE to the public. Touch-a-Truck is a hands-on event where children are able to get up-close and personal with a variety of hometown heroes. Children will have a blast interacting with the same trucks that catch their eye on a daily basis. They will be able to climb on and honk the horns as if they were a real truck driver! Featured vehicles will include an ambulance, a police K-9 unit vehicle, a mobile command trailer, a fire truck, construction vehicle, big pick-up trucks, and more!. Following the Touch-A-Truck event, the UCF Men’s Basketball team will take on Tulsa at 4pm at the UCF Arena. Visit for ticket information."

Aquaphor TLC Bundle of Joy for your Skin Giveaway

Florida has had this awkward, frigid, drop in temperature the past few days.

We are talking FREEZING.

Like ice on the ground, pull out the fleece blankets and turn the heater ON!

It's been odd and it's been really damaging to my girls' poor sensitive skin.

Enter Aquaphor.

I love this stuff.

It's a life-saver when it's this cold outside.

And by the way, I know that temperatures in the 30s isn't that bad for all you Northerners but I'm a Florida girl and tend to wear flip flops 345 days out of the year.

The 30s is killer to me.

I recently received an Aquaphor TLC package to celebrate February’s Tender Loving Care For Your Skin Product Review & Giveaway Promotion! It was packed with the goodies we needed to survive this cold snap, including a copy of the latest Ice Age movie!

We also received a Warm Buddy where you can put a hot or cold pack inside of it to soothe your baby and let me tell you, that Warm Buddy kept my daughter company the entire time she was in the hospital last week for her broken elbow and surgery.

We put the pack in the freezer and it helped with her swelling. A life saver, I tell ya! 

The Ointment was amazing for the dry skin we all developed, thanks to the blustery wind this weekend. The gentle wash and shampoo works amazing on sensitive skin (we all have it) too. 

In addition to our gift pack, we received a $50 VISA gift card and you know what, you've got a chance to win a  Tender Loving Care For Your Skin Promotion gift pack just like this one, including the gift card!

Sweet, huh?

All I need you to do is tell me how cold it's been where you live and what you've been using to give your skin some TLC! 

This giveaway runs until March 1, 2013 and is open to those in the US.

Enter away!

I received a February’s Tender Loving Care For Your Skin Product  Giveaway Promotion Package for my review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Thanks!

Oz The Great and Powerful Featurette: Costume and Make-Up

When I was a young girl, I could love it when the Wizard of Oz would come on TV (it would always come on once a year). The problem was I never saw the end because as soon as those monkeys flew on the screen, I was gone!

My mother got pretty good at knowing when to shut the television set off.

Now that I'm a big girl and can handle the Monkeys, the Wizard of Oz is, without a doubt, one of my favorite movies.

And now that Oz the Great and Powerful is gearing up to hit the big screen, I'm super excited about it.

Check out the latest Featurette from Walt Disney Studios talking about the costumes (ah-ma-zing!) and the make-up for the movie.

College Students Get Discounts @ Aquatica

I adore Aquatica. It's one of our favorite water parks to visit and it's always a lot of fun.

And I love to share the latest news from Aquatica and today's gives college students a deal!

Check out the latest press release:

WHAT:           Aquatica, SeaWorld Orlando’s one of a kind waterpark, is offering an incredible deal for college students and faculty just in time for spring break. Now through June 16, 2013, students and faculty can purchase admission to Aquatica for just $29 for themselves and up to five friends with a valid school ID – a savings of up to $25 per person!
From high-speed water slides and exhilarating wave pools, to tranquil beaches and the remarkable animal habitats that are the hallmark of SeaWorld, Aquatica delights all ages and interests. This one-of-a-kind waterpark is home to some of the world’s most thrilling water rides, featuring 38 slides, rivers and lagoons and 84,000 square feet of sparkling white, sandy beaches. Aquatica’s exclusive attractions promise unlimited fun, sending guests on amazing undersea adventures and through breathtaking animal exhibits.
DETAILS:      This limited-time offer is available for purchase at Aquatica’s front gate only. A valid student/faculty ID must be presented in order to receive the discount. Each student or faculty member may purchase a ticket for themselves and up to five friends. Additional tickets may be purchased at the regular admission price of $55 plus tax. This offer is available now and is valid for visits through June 16, 2013. For more information about Aquatica, visit:"

Monday, February 11, 2013

Emergency Hangover (AKA a really long post)

This past Friday, I was hanging outside with my girls and the other half when I heard a fall and then cries.

Turning, I caught a glimpse of Turtle tripping over her scooter and awkwardly falling to the ground.

In an instant, I knew it wasn't good.

Her cries were a dead giveaway that something bad had just occurred.

Turtle rarely cries unless she's pouting. And the thing is that she falls alllll the time. Normally, she just dusts herself off and is racing around like a madwoman in seconds.

When I couldn't comfort her tears, I took her inside and put an ice pack on her arm. She immediately fell asleep.

She had been home from school all day because of a fever so I prayed it was just the virus causing her to sleep but when she woke up whimpering I knew something wasn't right.

I made a decision right then and there it was time for a trip to the hospital.

My BFF's daughter had fallen a few weeks back and broken her collarbone and all I heard in my head was her regret that she hadn't taken her to the pediatrics hospital.

I scooped up clothing (because as always, Turtle was in a bathing suit), toys, a book for myself and her snuggle buddy and stuffed it all in a bag and we headed for the door.

By the way, heading downtown on a Friday at 4 o'clock with a whimpering child in the back is the most nerve-wracking thing, as well as the most annoying thing.

We finally made it to the hospital (after one full one freak out phone call to the other half and forty minutes of traffic) and they admitted us.

All I kept doing was snuggling my baby and making sure that one limp arm wasn't causing her pain.

X-rays (a good hour after we arrived) confirmed the bad news: broken elbow in TWO places.

They decided to set it back by pushing it together and casting it. They had to do this with her under anthesia because she wouldn't even let the doctor touch her arm. I held her in my arms as she went under and I walked away crying.

My baby...

Thankfully it didn't last long, twenty minutes later she was rolled back into the room all drugged up and loopy.

I was so happy to see her. She was just happy to sleep.

But my happiness didn't last. The doctors informed me that the procedure didn't work and that they were scheduling surgery for her the next morning to put pins in her elbow.

I can't even begin to describe the emotions that were rolling through me... the one thing I knew I had to do was be strong. I couldn't crumble because I needed to be there for my girl.

We were admitted to the hospital and around 2:30am, I collapsed on a fold out cot (that was way too short for my 5'5" frame) and restlessly dozed.

Around 6:00am, the other half showed up and informed me that they would be taking her to surgery for  pre-op around 7:00am.

My little girl, so tiny in that big hospital bed, bravely chose a hot pink cast and giggled when the nurses teased her and off she went into surgery.

I wasn't worried about anything going wrong during the surgery... I had spent hours praying that it would go well and it did.

Everything was fine, the pins were in and would stay put for a week. She woke up fine from the medicine and spent the next four hours sleeping while I watched over her like a Mama Chicken. I couldn't find the energy to sleep, despite the fact that I was exhausted from stress and lack of sleep and being in a freakin' hospital.

Two days after being discharged, I'm still exhausted. I'm chasing after Turtle making sure she doesn't bump her arm, or that she has it properly propped up for circulation. I'm watching out for any pain, I'm making sure she has enough My Little Pony dolls and pillows under her head.

And I'm whipped.

Turtle and her broken elbow is kicking my ass.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Party On, Babie!

When I was a little girl, Barbie was it for me. All I wanted was Barbie dolls and her accessories.

Girl had some accessories.

I had the three story townhouse, the 57 Bel Air, the handsome boyfriend (Hey Ken!) and tons of those tiny plastic shoes that drove my parents crazy.

And now that I have girls of my own, I am sharing my love (because once you love her, you tend to always love her) of Barbie with them.

Barbie's Mansion!

Mega Bloks has come out with a Barbie set and let me warn you right this second: they are tiny.

Really tiny.

This is Barbie's laptop...

I'm sure you know this but this is not a good toy for those with little kids or those that like to put things in their mouth.

The girls were so excited about it.

We received a party package that had extra sets to giveaway at our party (our party was at Roo's school and the girls were over-the-moon about getting the toys!).

Before the party, I had to put together everything and it conveniently comes in tiny packages so you don't lose track of everything.

Be careful of wandering kids who are anxious.

I was so proud of myself when I had finished the first room... I'm not a tiny piece toy builder. I've actually paid my nephews to build these kinds of thing for me before.

Oh the amount of pieces (over 300!)

 Then, finally, success!

Barbie's beach cabana is done!

And the house...

Now Barbie and her friends have a place to hang out and relax and my girls are two more toys to play with.

They're happy which makes me happy.

Our Mega Bloks Barbie party occurred at Roo's school and there is a strict no photo policy, so just close your eyes and picture five squealing girls jumping up and down and telling my daughter she is the coolest.

And I agree... she is.

You can find information about Mega Bloks through their Facebook page. Also, check out their website for more info on Barbie Mega Bloks.

I participated in a MommyParties Party and received products for hosting the party. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Thanks! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mickey's Music Festival @ the UCF Arena PLUS a giveaway!

Disney Live is coming to Orlando!

Mickey's Music Festival is coming to the UCF Arena on March 3, 2013. With two shows to choose from, 2:30pm and 5:30pm, there's options for your family to enjoy this day of fun.

From the press release:

"Mickey Mouse and friends rock the world with the stars from The Little MermaidAladdin and Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story in their new touring showDisney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival.Disney hits are remixed to the hottest sounds of today featuring hip hop, pop, swing, reggae, rock, country and much more! The irresistible lineup of performers, including Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy; Ariel, Sebastian and Ursula; Jasmine, Aladdin and Genie; and Woody, Buzz and Jessie; are among the more than 25 Disney stars featured in this jam session fit for the entire family! You can’t resist dancing, singing, playing your air-guitar and laughing with this band of characters! Come join them at Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival for a lively concert experience guaranteed to deliver enough rockin’ memories to last a lifetime."
For more information on the show, check out the UCF Arena website.
Tickets are on sale right now and are only $17.00. You can get your tickets at the UCF Arena Ticket Office, buy by phone (800-745-3000) or through Ticketmaster's website
But if you're lucky, you can win four tickets to the show through me!
Leave me a comment on who your favorite Disney character is.
Easy, huh?

This contest is open to all US residents, but remember the tickets are for the March 3rd show in ORLANDO. If you are out of town, it's your job to make arrangements.

Contest runs until February 25, 2013.


I received tickets in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013


We lost a beloved family member yesterday.

Our puppy Pumpkin Pie.

We do not know what really happened. She was perfect one day and the next, she declined to the point where she went into some sort of cardiac arrest... she just stopped living.

And I had to tell that beautiful girl in the picture that her best friend had died.

It was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

We are all devastated by this loss and can't seem to grasp that she is really gone.

Dogs are amazing animals and Pumpkin Pie was one  of the best.