Thursday, February 7, 2013

Party On, Babie!

When I was a little girl, Barbie was it for me. All I wanted was Barbie dolls and her accessories.

Girl had some accessories.

I had the three story townhouse, the 57 Bel Air, the handsome boyfriend (Hey Ken!) and tons of those tiny plastic shoes that drove my parents crazy.

And now that I have girls of my own, I am sharing my love (because once you love her, you tend to always love her) of Barbie with them.

Barbie's Mansion!

Mega Bloks has come out with a Barbie set and let me warn you right this second: they are tiny.

Really tiny.

This is Barbie's laptop...

I'm sure you know this but this is not a good toy for those with little kids or those that like to put things in their mouth.

The girls were so excited about it.

We received a party package that had extra sets to giveaway at our party (our party was at Roo's school and the girls were over-the-moon about getting the toys!).

Before the party, I had to put together everything and it conveniently comes in tiny packages so you don't lose track of everything.

Be careful of wandering kids who are anxious.

I was so proud of myself when I had finished the first room... I'm not a tiny piece toy builder. I've actually paid my nephews to build these kinds of thing for me before.

Oh the amount of pieces (over 300!)

 Then, finally, success!

Barbie's beach cabana is done!

And the house...

Now Barbie and her friends have a place to hang out and relax and my girls are two more toys to play with.

They're happy which makes me happy.

Our Mega Bloks Barbie party occurred at Roo's school and there is a strict no photo policy, so just close your eyes and picture five squealing girls jumping up and down and telling my daughter she is the coolest.

And I agree... she is.

You can find information about Mega Bloks through their Facebook page. Also, check out their website for more info on Barbie Mega Bloks.

I participated in a MommyParties Party and received products for hosting the party. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Thanks! 

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