Monday, February 11, 2013

Emergency Hangover (AKA a really long post)

This past Friday, I was hanging outside with my girls and the other half when I heard a fall and then cries.

Turning, I caught a glimpse of Turtle tripping over her scooter and awkwardly falling to the ground.

In an instant, I knew it wasn't good.

Her cries were a dead giveaway that something bad had just occurred.

Turtle rarely cries unless she's pouting. And the thing is that she falls alllll the time. Normally, she just dusts herself off and is racing around like a madwoman in seconds.

When I couldn't comfort her tears, I took her inside and put an ice pack on her arm. She immediately fell asleep.

She had been home from school all day because of a fever so I prayed it was just the virus causing her to sleep but when she woke up whimpering I knew something wasn't right.

I made a decision right then and there it was time for a trip to the hospital.

My BFF's daughter had fallen a few weeks back and broken her collarbone and all I heard in my head was her regret that she hadn't taken her to the pediatrics hospital.

I scooped up clothing (because as always, Turtle was in a bathing suit), toys, a book for myself and her snuggle buddy and stuffed it all in a bag and we headed for the door.

By the way, heading downtown on a Friday at 4 o'clock with a whimpering child in the back is the most nerve-wracking thing, as well as the most annoying thing.

We finally made it to the hospital (after one full one freak out phone call to the other half and forty minutes of traffic) and they admitted us.

All I kept doing was snuggling my baby and making sure that one limp arm wasn't causing her pain.

X-rays (a good hour after we arrived) confirmed the bad news: broken elbow in TWO places.

They decided to set it back by pushing it together and casting it. They had to do this with her under anthesia because she wouldn't even let the doctor touch her arm. I held her in my arms as she went under and I walked away crying.

My baby...

Thankfully it didn't last long, twenty minutes later she was rolled back into the room all drugged up and loopy.

I was so happy to see her. She was just happy to sleep.

But my happiness didn't last. The doctors informed me that the procedure didn't work and that they were scheduling surgery for her the next morning to put pins in her elbow.

I can't even begin to describe the emotions that were rolling through me... the one thing I knew I had to do was be strong. I couldn't crumble because I needed to be there for my girl.

We were admitted to the hospital and around 2:30am, I collapsed on a fold out cot (that was way too short for my 5'5" frame) and restlessly dozed.

Around 6:00am, the other half showed up and informed me that they would be taking her to surgery for  pre-op around 7:00am.

My little girl, so tiny in that big hospital bed, bravely chose a hot pink cast and giggled when the nurses teased her and off she went into surgery.

I wasn't worried about anything going wrong during the surgery... I had spent hours praying that it would go well and it did.

Everything was fine, the pins were in and would stay put for a week. She woke up fine from the medicine and spent the next four hours sleeping while I watched over her like a Mama Chicken. I couldn't find the energy to sleep, despite the fact that I was exhausted from stress and lack of sleep and being in a freakin' hospital.

Two days after being discharged, I'm still exhausted. I'm chasing after Turtle making sure she doesn't bump her arm, or that she has it properly propped up for circulation. I'm watching out for any pain, I'm making sure she has enough My Little Pony dolls and pillows under her head.

And I'm whipped.

Turtle and her broken elbow is kicking my ass.


Erika Kaplan said...

Poor baby and mama! Glad she's doing ok. Hope you get some rest.

Funky Food Trisha said...

Way to listen to your instincts!