Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Running, where are you?

I won't lie to you, I haven't gone running in four weeks.

And that's an incredibly long time for me not to run.

Especially when running is everything to me.

Sometimes life tends to get in the way and when you crawl home from work, all you can think about is snuggling with your babes and watching Spongebob while they giggle.

And the stupid thing is I feel ten times better after the snuggling but I still have this jiggle to work with and while my kids are amazing, what good is it if Mama can't play because she's dead?

Okay, that's kinda dramatic but I'm in a dramatic mood lately.

Yesterday's post about the New Years got me thinking (as it does most), that it's a new year and (how cheesy is this) it's time for a new me!

Or maybe just a me that gets her lazy ass to the gym once in a while, huh?

Any excuse, people... any excuse.

Do you have any exercise related goals this year?

1 comment:

Jackie @ MomJovi said...

Running has never been everything to me but I feel you on the making excuses. I just posted about it today too! I'm off to a good start (two days in a row of waking up at 5:30 to work out) but I know myself and I fear I'll be making excuses all too soon.

Keep at it and keep trying. And cut yourself some slack too. We mommas have so much to do that it's only natural that sometimes, at certain phases, our exercise habits are forced to take a back seat. Here's to hoping you and I both make this the year we stop making excuses and start putting ourselves first ... at least some of the times! Good luck!