Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy 2013!

Yes, I know I'm 7 days late wishing you a happy new year. But you know how crazy life can get and then you blink and it's Valentine's Day!

This is happening a lot for me lately. I want to do something, like blog or call my mother back, and then I get distracted by life (my kids, the new puppy, a bug... something!) and I forget.

I have always been a big hand writer, meaning that I write important things on my hand to remember to do it and not even that is helping lately.

I really want to blame it all on my the post-glow of a graduate degree. I could argue it, honestly, I could because when you spend a year churning out work for a graduate degree and once it all comes to a stop and your done, your brain is mush.

And I swear, mine is.

I also have a ton of issues going on in my personal life (nothing I can mention here, yet) that make me riding the carousel of semi-depression and add in that new puppy we got and two adorable girls that I want to spend every waking minute with, and you have me.

Exhausted me that can't remember if she blogged last week or last month!

Me, the one that forgets her grocery list at home and ends up with all the wrong things and forgets the milk.

So forgive me for wishing you a happy new year late, you understand right?

This year is going to be better for me.

I'm getting off that carousel and I'm growing and I'm working.

Can't ask for more, huh?

Did you make any resolutions?

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