Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Egh, again?!

These past two weeks we've been plagued with the sickness.

You know the sickness.

The one that went around last month.

And then the month before that.

AND the month before that.

It's back, again.

And since I have two daughters, it goes through one and then the other... and then me.

And since I have ten full times jobs (okay, maybe not ten but it sure feels like it's ten somedays!), I don't have time to get sick.

Roo just got the word that her cold has settled into her chest and she's out of school the rest of the week (girl only went one day this week, lucky!). This means no Christmas Program at school, no Christmas Party, no Christmas shop... she's missing out on EVERYTHING this week.

I just pray she gets better because next week we're traveling to see family and a sick girl prevents that.

Wish us luck that the Lysol works and before Santa ho-ho-ho's down our non-existant chimney, we are all better.

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Tammy S said...

I know how you feel. My daughter and I have passed this cold back and forth now for two weeks. so today my husband gets it. Not great! Hope you all are feeling better soon!