Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Potty Training... Egh.

We're knee deep in potty training Turtle... and when I say potty training, I mean put undies on the kid and send her out into the world (or in our case, daycare) and hope for the best.

When I was potty training Roo the first tie, I was a nervous bundle mess full of anxiety and gave up after a week of being covered in pee. The second time, she trained herself and I considered myself very lucky.

I also got lucky with Turtle. Sure, we asked her whenever we passed by a potty but it was always a "Nope." I didn't push it, falling back on my faith that she would do it when she was ready.

And you know what, she did.

She just started using the potty at home.

She would go into the bathroom, close the door and do her thing. She would come out, her face covered in the biggest grin and proudly bring me a potty full of pee as proof.

Girl just did it!

We went to Sea World and Disney in undies and had no problems. I would ask, and she would say "YES" and she would go. We would spend all day out doing errands with her in undies and we had no problem.

But school was another story.

She just wouldn't do it!

I didn't understand but I didn't push at all. I tried bribing her with toys and stickers but to no luck. She would sit, just wouldn't go.

Yesterday, her teacher and I decided she should just come to school in undies and we would just see what happened.

Well, she had two accidents.

Her teacher insisted I don't go back to diapers because it would just confuse her so today she ran up the steps to school sans diaper and I am crossing my fingers hoping it clicks at school like it did at home.

Wish me luck.

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Jackie said...

Good luck! Potty training is simply no fun at all... one day they'll do it and the next they could care less!