Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NYTMTravels: Dinosaur World


I've lived in Florida my entire life (Woot!) and have never been to Dinosaur World.

Roo has lived in Florida her entire life and has never been to Dinosaur World.


For someone who loves Dinosaurs, her mother sure is slacking.

Yeah, well, we changed that scenario.

For Fall Break, I loaded with the girls in our rented GM Equinox and we drove out to Plant City to check out Dinosaur World.

Obviously, there are dinosaurs everywhere.

My girls were in HEAVEN.

Dinosaur World is a beautiful park that has over 150 life-size Dino replicas scattered everywhere.

Roo was in heaven!

They have a great trail that winds you through acres and acres of lush green Florida swamp (yes, there are bugs but you can buy a cute big repellent bracelet in the massive gift shop to solve that problem).

Who wouldn't want to stick their head in a dinosaur's head?

You don't see that everyday.


Dinosaur World was a great place to visit. It wasn't too crowded or hot and the girls had so much fun. They were able to check out fossils, dig for dinosaur bones, play on two great playgrounds, visit a cool museum (with animatronic dinosaurs) and dig for real fossils (we got sharks teeth!).

I'm ashamed that we've never been before!

And if we lives closer (Plant City is about 75 minutes from our house), I would buy a year pass and visit weekly (it's that nice!).

So if you're ever in Plant City, I recommend you check it out.

I received media passes for this review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Thanks!

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