Friday, June 22, 2012

Brave: a review

Whenever a new Disney movie comes out, it's a big deal in our house.

My girls are crazy about Disney and so am I.

So when the date for Brave to come out got closer, my big girl got really excited.

We attended a special media preview of Brave on Monday and made it a special Mommy/Daughter date, just for the two of us. Roo was so antsy about it that she asked me every day for two weeks if it was time.

Now, Roo is only five and I'm not sure what she expected from Brave... probably a Rapunzel type movie with lots of fun, singing and dancing.

While Brave has this, it's got more... lots more. Including scary bears.

Not exactly Roo's thing.

The imagery in the movie is beautiful, stunning even, and the music is breath-taking... and despite the wonderful story line, Roo was not happy. She left the movie sad and scared... she just couldn't get past the sad part to see the happy ending and the bears were too scary for her to handle.

And I won't lie, the movie is sad... and you will cry (I bawled) but don't worry, you'll laugh too!

It's just not a good idea to take little kids to the movie, unless they are really Brave.

For me, as an adult, I thought it was a great movie. The story line was amazing and the importance of the mother/daughter relationship was dead on. Disney scored with this. It's not a movie about a princess needing a prince, it's a princess movie about needing to be who she is!

But seriously, it's a PG movie and it's something to consider as a guiding parent.

I attended a special media preview for this review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more info!

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Lauri White said...

Very good review! I can relate to Roo's reaction. I had to be brave to finish the movie. But I can relate to the mother daughter relationship too. I truly appreciate Disney for giving us this special movie.