Monday, February 28, 2011

I Went To Kissimmee & All I Got Was This Blog Post

Okay, not really.

I went to Kissimmee and got a ton.

A ton, seriously.

Plus, a camel ride, milking a cow, a new I <3 Farm Boys Shirt and more.

Follow along my adventures in Kissimmee at the i.seeKissimmee Blog.

Dirt Cupcake Cake

This past weekend we had party #2 for Turtle.

This time the theme was Garden Party so I had to search my brain for a great cake idea. One that was cute, reflective of her and her life on the farm.

Then it hit me.


The kid loves dirt.

So I whipped up some chocolate cupcakes, dabbed some chocolate pudding on top and had Roo smashed Oreo cookies.

Then I got creative and grabbed some toys.

The end result was fabulous... and delicious.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Infantino Mom: The Savvy Bag Review & Giveaway

I’m still knee deep in diapers and will be for some time to come.

It’s important for me to have a diaper bag or clutch with me at all times because you really don’t know when you’re going to have to change a diaper.

It always happens when you least expect it.

The Infantino Savvy Bag is the latest in diaper clutches.

The Savvy Bag is functional, it has a cute bright pattern (and is also my favorite color), the changing pad is a good size and it detaches for easy cleaning.

You can wear it with a shoulder strap as a purse or unclip it to hold as a clutch.

The downside to the Savvy Bag is that is it rather small.

I can’t carry more than three diapers (max!), travel sized wipes and not much more.

There is a small zipped pouch inside the bag so if you want to carry your license or a credit card, but I need a spot for my wallet, iPod and cell phone. If I cram all these things into the bag, it bulges and the changing pad doesn’t close properly (the pad has magnetic dots that helps it close against the bag).

An added bonus that would make the Savvy Bag appealing is if there was a wipes holder included in the deal.

But it’s not and it’s not that big of a deal.

Overall, I like the bag. I use the bag like crazy. I sling it over my shoulder or hook it on my stroller while walking around. It’s useful and pretty.

You can purchase you own Infantino Savvy Bag in stores or online now.

Or… you can win one!

I have one to giveaway to a lucky reader and all I need you to do is tell me what you must keep in your diaper bag or clutch.


Contest runs until March 4, 2011.

Please make sure you leave your email address so if you win I can contact you.

Also, you can earn extra entries by tweeting the following message: “I want to win the @Infantino Savvy Bag from @NYTMBlog!"

Please a comment for each tweet you leave (up to 2x a day!).

I participated in the Mom Central/Infantino Mom Blog program and received a Savvy Bag to review. All opinions in my post are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Disney Giveaway: Mars Needs Moms

Disney is just cranking them out lately!

Movies, that is.

Next up on the block is Mars Needs Moms!

To go along with the movie, which hits theatres on March 11, 2011, I'm hosting a great giveaway.

You can win a prize pack which includes: One Mars Needs Moms Adult Shirt, One Mars Needs Moms Youth Shirt and a 3 pack of Temporary Tattoos.

All you need to do is tell me, as a Mom, what you need.


Contest ends on March 10, 2011. Please make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you if you win!

Extra entries can be earned by tweeting this message:

"I want to win the #Disney Mars Needs Moms Prize Pack from @NYTMBlog!"

Please make sure you leave me a comment for each tweet (one a day, please!) you tweet.

I was not compensated for this post. I did it out of the kindess of my heart. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Sometimes things have a way of catching up with you, grabbing you by the neck and shaking you... All while screaming, "Why, damn you, why?!"

That is me right now.

I'm being violently shaken around, ears ringing from my brain shouting from the pain, my body about to collapse in a heap on the floor.

This past week has been so busy that I'm just reeling from it all unable to find my bearings and which direction to head in.

I'll recover from this, I always do. I just overbooked, overworked and over-exhausted myself to the point of dead on my feet.

Nothing new.

I just feel extra tired right now and in desperate need of a vacation that allows me to enjoy myself, my husband and my children.

I need silence.

But since none of this is possible, I'll settle for chocolate... And a steamy romance novel.

Oh and kids that go to bed at a decent hour.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review: Chuggington: Let's Ride the Rails

First off, I cannot even say the word Chuggington without the theme song playing in my head and then promptly getting stuck in my head and then I spend my entire day singing, "Chuggington! Chuggington. Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga..."

You get the idea.

It's not pretty.

But dangit if my daughter doesn't love this show.

In the latest and greatest from Chuggington, we have the DVD, "Let's Ride the Rails."

From the press release: "hey're trainees! They're making tracks! Wheels to the rails! Clackety-clack! Honk your horns for the new worldwide hit television series about eager young engines Wilson, Brewster and Koko as they learn to become working trains in the land of Chuggington. In these six popular episodes, the trainees find fun and excitement as they get lost in a deserted town, handle an important responsibility in the safari park, and discover that the repair shed isn't such a scary place after all. There's plenty of action and laughs along the way with lessons about overcoming fear, responsibility and problem solving, all while discovering social-readiness values like friendship, teamwork, courtesy and more. As the trains, and your own little chuggers, practice their skills and complete daily tasks, they learn to ride the rails of life! "

This show is super cute and educational at the same time.

Roo loves it and manages to plop herself on the couch and just gets lost in the show with Wilson, Brewster and Koko.

Chuggington: Let's Ride the Rails is available for purchase now!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Review: Goal For It

As a Mom (or a Dad... or a person in general), it is tough to keep track of everything that is tossed your way.

For me, my desk (my husband's desk, my counter tops in the kitchen, the girls room) is always covered in notes, lists of things to do, scraps of paper with article ideas on them. They are everywhere and I'm not even kidding.

It's really hard to keep track of everything that goes on in my life and in my family's life and I can't drop the ball because I'm in charge of making sure things get done around here.

It's nice to know there are websites devoted to making sure you are successful in your personal life by providing support.

The Goal For It website is where it's at.

The Goal For It website is packed full of free solutions for personal success. There are easy to use, practical items to help you achieve a clutter free desk and a car free of fast food napkins with notes scribbled on them.

This website's goal is to help you bring more focus in your life to achieve success.

Plus, it's helps your entire family. There are Chore Charts and Behavior Charts to track your kids chores and help them achieve success!

If you haven't noticed the main words in this post are achieve and success

With Goal For It, it's possible.

Scoot on over and check them out and get your life heading in the right direction.

I was compensated for this post. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

Preview: Bambi Presents Romance

Review: Bambi

The fine folks over at Disney are releasing a classic from their movie vaults: Bambi!

On March 1, 2011, the Blu-Ray Diamond Edition of Bambi is hitting store shelves.

Originally released in 1942, Bambi was Walt Disney’s fifth feature film. While some believe Bambi to be a movie about Bambi’s mother passing on at the hands of a hunter, it’s much more than that. It’s a story about a young prince of the forest who learns about life, friendship and love.

The Bambi Blu-Ray Diamond Edition is a 2 Disc pack packed full of great extras including: Backstage Disney, Family Play, Digital Exclusives and Classic DVD features like “ the Making of Bambi: A Prince is Born” and “Tricks of the Trade.”

Roo really enjoyed watching Bambi, especially because she loves all types of animals and found Bambi and Thumper to be “really cute” (her words, not mine). She loved all the colors in the film and loved the Big Book of Knowledge features in the extras (which allowed her to interact with the movie and learn about the forest creatures).

The Bambi Blu-Ray Diamond Edition is available now for pre-purchase and will be available everywhere (the standard DVD will not be available for purchase until April 19, 2011) on March 1, 2011.

I received a copy of Bambi for my review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

Giveaway: Food Network & Cooking.Com

As you know I am venturing into the cooking world.

And while I may be going in blind, there’s no reason you should have to follow in my clumsy footsteps.

Okay, not clumsy because I’m actually getting quite good, but how about you learn from my mistakes.

In my tales from the kitchen, I have to admit I go to the internet for lots of help. Mainly, Cooking.Com and the Food Network. Both websites are packed with tips to help you become a better chef, plus the recipes on the websites are to die for!

To help you in your cooking endeavours, I’ve got a tasty giveaway for you.

What do you say to a Food Network celebrity chef DVD set and Food Network $10 Gift Card?

Would that help you in the kitchen?

All I need you to do is tell me what recipe you’re working on right now.

Giveaway ends February 28, 2011.

I received a Cooking.Com & Food Network package for this giveaway. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Review: WDW Field Guide

Spring is a favorite season of mine.

Cool weather and bright sunshine make it ideal to be outside.

It also makes it the ideal time to visit Disney (also because there’s not too much of a crowd around this time).

And now that I have children, visiting Disney is a completely different experience.

It helps to have help when my endless question asking child asks me a question.

Enter the Walt Disney World Adventure: A Field Guide & Activity Book for Explorers.

It is 173 page book packed full of information about each and every ride, pavilion, street at all four Disney parks.

Author Tracie A. Cook wrote this book for kids to have an adventure. She gives them tips and stories about the attractions down to the tiniest detail (like did you know that the Land Pavilion at Epcot is about the same size as Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom?).

The WDW Adventure Field Guide is super helpful and gives kids hours of endless fun. Even I got tons of use out of it and it made me seem like the Cool Mom because of all the knowledge I knew about the parks.

The Field Guide comes in handy during long lines, waits on the monorail and hanging out during meals.

Another great thing about this book is that lot of the knowledge in the books came from kids!

Tracie has a Kid Tipster spot on her website where kids can submit tips. Think your kid would be a great Tipster? You can have them email suggestions and rate attractions at the parks.

The Walt Disney World Adventure: A Field Guide & Activity Book for Explorer is available online for purchase.

I received a copy of The Walt Disney World Adventure: A Field Guide & Activity Book for Explorer for review. All opinions in this review are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dear Turtle: One Year

When I think about you turning one on Saturday, I lose my breath.

I feel this gasp and my gut feels like I was punched in it... really hard.

I just can't believe how much time has flown by. It really does just seem like you were yanked from me just yesterday... okay, maybe not yesterday, but has it really been a year?

And looking at the calendar and all the photos I've taken, I have to say, "Yup, it has been a year."

And then I have to say, "Damnit, I haven't slept a whole night in a year!"


You are so worth it though.

You are totally crazy now. You walk, you run, you giggle, you scream, you kiss... People see you in action and insist you must be at least 18 months old.

I puff up with pride when I tell them that you're only a year.

They can't believe it either!

You are becoming very independent and hate when I try to strap you into your car seat or stroller. You insist on doing everything your big sister does, including climb up slides, run down the driveway and all over everything in the front yard.

You are ga-ga for your Daddy and if you see him, your entire face lights up and you crank your legs as fast as you can to get to him.

Then there's me... you push everything and everyone out of the way to get to me and that makes me so happy. Just seeing me changes everything for you, and I adore that.

I adore you love me so much because I love you so much.

I can't wait for the next year and all it brings to us.

I love you so much,


Review: Birthday Express


If ye didn't be knowin' it: Turtle is turnin' one!


Planning out a one year olds birthday party is tough.

Finding the perfect theme, finding plates that match, finding a centerpiece.

Oh, it's exhausting.

Lucky for me (and now you!) I stumbled upon the best site for Kids' Birthday Party Supplies: Birthday Express!

Birthday Express has everything, seriously, you need to throw an amazing party.

I spent days pouring over their catalog and website making sure I picked just the right thing to celebrate Turtle's first birthday (insert weepy tears here).

I couldn't make up my mind so I took the catalog and told my husband to pick it out.

And he did.

The Pink Skull Deluxe Party Pack!


And yes, while Turtle is my Turtle... our Turtle has attitude and this is the perfect party pack for her!

Plus, a pink pirate! How adorable!

The Deluxe Party pack comes with: 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, solid-color tablecover, centerpiece, foil balloon, 18 balloons (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), confetti and cake candles.

For all of that it's only $39.99 ($45.32 if purchased separately).

If you need extra plates or confetti or just want cool gift boxes to hand out, you have the option of adding on whatever you want for an additional charge

We added the birthday banner option and are so impressed. The banner is not cheap at all. It's made of sturdy material that can withstand many years of birthdays.

Birthday Express ships fast so I had this box of goodies on my door before I knew it.

This party pack is going to be a hit with all of our friends, plus it'll photograph great for memories.

You can purchase your own Pink Skull Party Supplies or browse other themes to get the perfect match for your birthday pal.

I received a Deluxe Party Pack from Birthday Express to review for this post. All opinions are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Play-Doh's Burger Builder

Honestly, can you name one kid that doesn’t love Play-Doh?

While I can name a bunch of Moms that aren’t fans of it (it will get stuck in your carpet for years if you’re not careful), I can’t think of one single kid that doesn’t love that cool, gooey substances that squishes between your fingers.

I’m a Mom that loves Play-Doh and has fond memories of it from her childhood, I’ve got a kid that adores Play-Doh.

And Roo especially loves Play-Doh if it has a handy dandy machine toy thingy hat comes with it to help her mold it into everything under the sun.

We recently got to test out the Play-Doh Burger Builder in all its glory.

The Burger Builder lets you make the "biggest burger ever" with all the pretend condiments you can crank out.

It was a hit except for the fry maker, which while easy to load, was a pain to turn out the french fries. Roo just couldn't master the pressure you needed to apply to churn out the fries (and FYI: the box reads for kids 3+).

Besides that one little issue, the Play-Doh burger builder was a hit in our house.

You can find the Play-Doh Burger Builder on shelf for your own entertainment.

I receied a Burger Builder set to try out for this review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weepy Mommy

I plan on being a little bit sad, a little bit weepy this week.

My baby turns one on Saturday.


How the hell did that happen?

When did time slip through my fingers? It seems like just yesterday that she was pulled from my body and slapped on my chest.


She's grown so fast, so quickly. She has nine teeth. She can walk and run. She climbs. She destroys. She babbles.

She is my little girl, my heart of hearts...

I just want to bawl.

And then wrap her up in my arms and demand she stays my baby forever as I smell her sweet little head.


But she won't let me. She has things to do. Toys to pull apart. Her sister to torture.

And my heart to break... My sweet, sweet Turtle.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Movie Review: Gnomeo & Juliet Review

I have to confess, I think Garden Gnomes are totally cute.

With their pointy hats and red cheeks, how can you not like them?

Imagine them coming to life though... creepy?


In Touchstone Picture's latest film, Gnomeo & Juliet, they do and they are the furthest thing from creepy.

They are so cute and lovable, it'll make you want to rush home and decorate your entire yard with them.

In Gnomeo & Juliet, you have star crossed lovers who meet by chance in the moonlight and it's all lovey dovey until they realize that they are from feuding families.

Gnomeo is a blue and Juliet is a red, it's doomed... but is it?

This retake on Shakespeare's classic story is funny and full of great characters but it is a remake and there are some fun twists involed.

And it's in 3D!

I took Roo to see a special showing of Gnomeo & Juliet and she loved it. She giggled a lot and was full of questions the entire movie.

You and your kids will not be disappointed in this cute take on Romeo & Juliet, plus you get to listen to James McAvoy speak for 84 minutes.

Worth every penny if you ask me.

Gnomeo & Juliet hits theatres today.

I attended a special screening of Gnomeo & Juliet for this review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seconds get the Shaft?

Second children always are treated differently than the first child. And the thirds are treated way different than the second child (I know this for a fact because I am the third of three).

And I knew that my children would be treated such, I just never expected it to bother me so much.

Take for example, Christmas. Turtle wasn't given any Christmas presents because she was deemed too young to remember.

Although, Roo given tons of Christmas presents in her first year of life.

Other holidays have rolled around and Roo has received cards and gifts while Turtle is left out in the cold. Their excuse is that she's just too young and she wouldn't know the difference anyways.

But I do.

And I feel hurt by this.

I know I could be called over-reacting, but it seems like Turtle isn't a thought in some people's mind.

And she should be!

She is an amazing child that deserves cards and presents. And yes, she is young and yes, she probably would rather chew on a card than read it, but when she gets older she's going to know how to read and she'll look back and see the lack of cards she received and the amount her sister did get, and most likely feel hurt.

Anger is my choice method to deal with this situation, but I know that won't help Turtle years down the line when she questions why her baby book isn't stuffed with memories from her relatives.

So I must switch gears and make up for the laziness of my relatives. I will stuff her baby book myself (and Roo's as well!) to let her know that she is loved and that on holidays, she was thought of.

All the while, I will be cursing my relatives in my head.

Review: Dinosaur Train PJs

Oh, Dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs rules this household.

And Dinosaur Trains rules our television.

Every night before I go to bed, I scroll through the programming guide to find when Dinosaur Train is on the next day and I highlight it to play automatically.

Roo loves it that much.

And I don't mind because it's educational and cute at the same time.

So imagine our surprise when we learned that they had Dinosaur Train PJs!

Roo loved them as much as the television show.

They are soft, fuzzy and warm for a cold night (while rare in Florida, does happen!).

You can your very own set of Dinosaur Train PJs at Kohls (SRP is $26.00, available in sizes 2T-5T).

And if you missed the newest episode of Dinosaur Train on PBS you can watch it here: you can view it at the following link.

You can learn more about Dinosaur Train through their website liking them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter .

I received a pair of PJs to review for this post. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.
And if you miss the TV broadcast of “The Good Mom;” “Diamond Anniversary” you can view it at the following link:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Giveaway: Disney Live!

Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show is coming to O-Town!

On March 12, the show stops at the King Center and on March 13 it makes its mark on the UCF Arena.

From the Press Release: "Abracadabra! It’s Disney Live! presents Mickey’s Magic Show! Mickey, Minnie and a host of Disney friends come together with world-class magicians to perform magic from legendary Disney films right before your eyes. See the Fairy Godmother transform Cinderella’s rags into a beautiful ball gown in a split second; the spectacular levitation of Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine; and the enchanted dancing brooms of Fantasia. Join Donald and Goofy, Alice and the Mad Hatter, and many more for a one-of-a-kind stage show you’ll never forget."

Tickets are available for purchase now, and if you give the promo code "MAGIC" you can get a $3 discount! This promo code is good for all performances, no minimum purchase required and excludes front row and VIP seats.

Exciting, huh?

Even more thrilling is that I have a four pack of tickets to giveaway to one lucky reader!! Tickets will be good at either venue for a 5:30pm showing.

All I need to know is: Can you juggle? If not, do you have any magic tricks up your sleeve? The old quarter behind the ear? Rabbit in a hat? Tell me, I wanna know!

Contest is open until March 1, 2011.

I worked with Feld Entertainment and received tickets to Disney Live in exchange for my giveaway post. All opinions in this post are 100% mine unless otherwise noted. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

Review: Wubbzy Be Mine DVD

Oh Wubbzy... my sweet little yellow friend, will you be my Valentine?

Wow Wow Wubbzy is back with a new DVD, "Wubbzy Be Mine" and it's just in time for the sweetest holiday around: Valentine's Day!

In this DVD, love is in the air in Wuzzleburg. Wubbzy, Widget, Walden and Daizy star in three episodes: Mr. Valentine, Cupid's Helper and My Speedy Valentine. All three episodes are classic Wubbzy where you have adorable characters learning important lessons about friendship.

As a parent, I couldn't ask for more in a DVD.
Roo has quickly added "Wubbzy Be Mine" to her DVD rotation and it is helping her get in the spirit for Valentine's Day.
Included with our DVD came adorable Valentine's Day cards and a sweet candy heart treat so we are all set to celebrate with our playmates.
Wow Wow Wubbzy "Wubbzy Be Mine" is out on store shelves now.
I received a copy of this DVD for review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Disney Junior!

Did you know that Playhouse Disney is becoming Disney Junior?

On February 14, 2011, Disney Junior launches for kids aged 2-7 with programs geared towards the Disney experience, which is magical and musical with beloved stories and characters.

From the press release: "Disney Junior's animated and live action programming will blend with Disney's unparalleled storytelling and beloved characters with learning components, including early math and language skills, as well as healthy eating and lifestyles, with an emphasis on social and emotional development."

Along with the premiere of Disney Junior, there will be a whole slew of new shoes including the anticipated, "Jake and the Never Land Pirates."

Join Jake and his band of kid pirates as they go on treasure hunts. Captain Hook and Smee also make a comeback in this great new show that shows kids the importance of teamwork.

New short series will also be debuting include: Mickey Mousekersize, Special Agent Oso: Three Healthy Steps and A Poem Is...

Your Playhouse Disney favorites aren't going anywhere Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny and moew will still air in the Disney Junior programming block (from 4:00am until 2:00pm EST).

Premiering in conjunction with the Disney Junior television programs is the all new DisneyJunior website. There you will have access to over 150 full-length Disney Junior episodes, 90 games and a dedicated parent section with recipes, crafts and tips.

Make sure you tune in on February 14, 2011 to check out the all-new Disney Junior.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Binky Fairy

Roo looked at me this morning and informed me that she was done with her binky.

I, literally, froze with a spoonful of Cheerios on route to my mouth and was like, "Seriously?

I repeated my question a hundred times before grabbing my husband and making him ask her another hundred times.

Each time her answer was the same, "Yup, where's my toy?"

I had promised her that if she gave up her binky she could have a smashing horse toy to replace it.

I had also fibbed and told her that there was such a character as the Binky Fairy and that she would come swooping in, snatch up the binky and take it to a baby that needed a binky.

So I set about planning a party to celebrate and invited my BFF to witness this glory.

And I hit up Walmart to purchase balloons and a toy.

When the time came, I wrote the Binky Fairy a note and taped it along with a bag (I kept the binky for sentimental purposes but Roo doesn't know this) and out we walked to the yard.

It was a really windy day so I just assumed that the wind would do its job...

Ha ha ha.

Nope, it swung those balloons right up into a tree.

Me, without a ladder (on a farm of all places) started up the truck drove under the tree and climbed on the roof to retrieve the balloons (with the BFF laughing at me the entire time).

So we walked down the driveway and tried again.

We all cheered as the balloons rose up in the air and floated away... into another tree!


I was so mortified and embarrassed that this fabulous event wasn't going as I had hoped.

The wind picked up, untangled the balloons and off they went again.

More cheering erupted... until the balloons got caught in the power lines.

Yup, my Binky Fairy/Big Girl party had quickly become the laughing stock of the day.

I distracted Roo by dragging her inside and giving her a toy and a cupcake (it was a party, after all) and we lied and said the Binky Fairy came and snatch that binky right before my BFF's eyes (because you can still see the damn balloons on the power line from our living room!).

The end result is still the same though, the binky has left the building!

My girl is officially a big girl.

Now, all I have to do is live out this embarrassment and be strong when my girl has a meltdown and demands her binky or steals her sisters.


Wish me luck.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Review: MMCH: Minnie's Masquerade

Minnie Mouse us a gal that knows how to throw a party.

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie's Masquerade is the latest DVD from Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment.

In Minnie's Masquerade, Minnie and all of her friends play dress-up. There is lots of fun to be had as Minnie makes paper crowns, searches for a lost shoe, participates in a costume contest and more!

With four additional episodes included, this DVD is sure to delight your pre-schooler.

Included in MMCH: Minnie's Masquerade is a fun paper mask and the latest in interactive DVDs: the Mickey Mote!

This DVD comes with the Watch & Play feature which allows kids to answer questions on-screen.

The Mickey Mote is really cool but if you use a gaming station like we do, we were unable to set it up properly and Roo could only turn the volume up and down.

She still held on to it while watching the DVD and with her masquerade mask she was ready for the ball.

MMCH: Minnie's Masquerade hits store shelves on February 8, 2011.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

NYTM Writes: Long Trip Alone

Darkness enveloped me as I put one foot in front of the other and forced myself to continue down the long road before me.

It was chilly and I was forced to rub my hands over my bare arms to keep any sort of warmth going.

The sound of my boots hitting the pavement echoed in the silence and while weeks ago the thought of walking alone down such a deserted road would scare me silly, felt ridiculous now.

I pushed on knowing that the end result would be worth it.

It was the same road we had traveled down together just a month ago and the memories were like coarse salt on a fresh wound.

When we had walked down it, the hot sun had beat down on our skin, on our smiles. Sand and stone stretched out alongside of us and the laughter had helped the miles melt away.

If I thought about it hard enough, I could still feel the texture of your hand in mine. I could recall every bump and groove of your long fingers. I could feel your thumb caressing my knuckles.

Pausing in my steps, I closed my eyes and soaked in that feeling.

I felt the stirring of a smile on my face.

That delicious butterfly feeling that overtook every nerve ending in my body and lit fire. It rushed through me like a wildfire, sparking the dryness and exploding in bright bursting colors.

But just like a wildfire that sweeps across the prairie, it quickly does its damage and moves on leaving nothing behind but charred embers.

My throat began to swell and my nose began to tingle as the tears leaked from my closed eyelids.

The wail that ripped from my throat surprised me, startling me.

I started to run.

It was a desperate run, clumsy and uncoordinated making me stumble and fall. The burn of asphalt scratching my skin couldn't stop me. The blood trickling from more open wounds couldn't stop me.

I had to get to you.

I needed you beside me.

I needed you.

Searing pain burned in and out of my body. My heart ached, my skin was broken. It felt as if I were held together by the thinnest of twine.

Desperation fueled more awkward movements as I turned off of the road and through the old iron gates with the scrolling lettering. I passed pathway after pathway, not needing to stop to read the signs. I knew where I was going, I knew where you were.

I could find you in my sleep.

Skidding to a halt, I changed direction and headed to you.

When I finally reached you, I collapsed to my knees and my fingers dug into the earth that covered you.... my head touching the cold marble of your stone.

I had finally found you, only it was too late.

I was too late.

You were never going to come back, I would never be able to apologize.

I openly wept as I clutched your headstone, whispering promises I would never be able to keep.

Gut wrenching, heart bursting sobs consumed me as guilt, pain and desperation mixed in my blood.

I begged you for forgiveness. I begged for absolution. I begged for you.

Sliding down on to the cool grass, I closed my eyes.

And prayed that I would never have to open them again without you.

As the cold metal seared my skin and redness spread over you, I knew without a doubt I never would have to.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mommy Confessions: We've got a biter!

Sometimes breastfeeding is a beautiful experience.

It's blissful and perfection all rolled into a sweet ball that smells wonderful.

Sometimes, oh sometimes, it is a nervous, nail-biting, anxiety ridden experiment.

My baby has recently become a biter.

And these kind of bites are very painful.

It is a horrible struggle to nurse a baby that gets kicks by biting you and all you want go do is nourish your baby.

Nursing your child with a knit in the pit of your stomach is a deflating thing.

But we plow on... And the biting continues.

I've tried being firm, swatting, giving her the stink eye... And nothing works!

She smiles and laughs and tries to snatch my glasses off my face.

Yes, she is cute.

But she has lots of teeth.

And they hurt like the devil!