Monday, September 19, 2011

Review: KidFresh

I'm not going to lie to you, being a Mom of two who spends her whole day shuttling kids around, running errands, fixing boo-boos and whatnot is hard.

So when dinner time rolls around, I'm exhausted.

And lacking the energy to cook.

I won't lie, sometimes my girls eat cheerios for dinner.

We've even had lollipops and goldfish crackers for dinner once (just once!).

I have seen the "kid themed" microvable meals on the market, but always pass them up due to high levels of sodium and the overall unhealthy factor they carry.

Luckily, KidFresh has come on the scene (the "scene" is the grocery store where I spend ALL of my extra time, seriously).

KidFresh are a healthy meal just for kids. They are all natural (nothing artificial at all!), there are hidden veggies in them and they have a great taste that kids love.

I asked Roo what she thought of them and she said: Yummy.

Can't get a better review than that, can you?

KidFresh is giving me a healthy alternative to those cereal dinners and I appreciate it.

You can get KidFresh in six recipes: Wagon Wheel Macaroni and Cheese (my daughters favorites), Twisted Pasta with Meatballs, Rainbow Rice and Chicken,  Chicken Quesadilla and Spaghetti Loop Bolognese.

KidFresh are only available at Publix's in the south, you can click here to find out if they are available where you are.

If you live in the South and want to try KidFresh meals, I have six FREE coupons to giveaway (Three coupons for two winners). All you need to do to win is tell me what's the worst meal you ever have served to your kids for dinner.

Don't hold back, I told you mine.

Giveaway ends September 28, 2011.

Good Luck!

 “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Kidfresh and received Kidfreshcoupons and products to facilitate my review, coupons to giveaway, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


Doodle741 said...

Waffles .. not just regular waffles - chocolate chip waffles with syrup! (Oh, but they are SOOOOO good!)

Thanks for the chance!

Sara Phillips

mandy said...

cinnamon vanilla pancakes with tons of syrup and chocolate milk. they got boisterous but they crashed early and fast! ;)

thank you!
mandy bair

tat2gurlzrock said...

Yes I am guilty of being in a hurry and using the microwavable kids meals and cookies because I was simply in a hurry and needed a quick fix.Bad me :)

Thank you for the chance!
Dana Rodriguez