Monday, February 7, 2011

The Binky Fairy

Roo looked at me this morning and informed me that she was done with her binky.

I, literally, froze with a spoonful of Cheerios on route to my mouth and was like, "Seriously?

I repeated my question a hundred times before grabbing my husband and making him ask her another hundred times.

Each time her answer was the same, "Yup, where's my toy?"

I had promised her that if she gave up her binky she could have a smashing horse toy to replace it.

I had also fibbed and told her that there was such a character as the Binky Fairy and that she would come swooping in, snatch up the binky and take it to a baby that needed a binky.

So I set about planning a party to celebrate and invited my BFF to witness this glory.

And I hit up Walmart to purchase balloons and a toy.

When the time came, I wrote the Binky Fairy a note and taped it along with a bag (I kept the binky for sentimental purposes but Roo doesn't know this) and out we walked to the yard.

It was a really windy day so I just assumed that the wind would do its job...

Ha ha ha.

Nope, it swung those balloons right up into a tree.

Me, without a ladder (on a farm of all places) started up the truck drove under the tree and climbed on the roof to retrieve the balloons (with the BFF laughing at me the entire time).

So we walked down the driveway and tried again.

We all cheered as the balloons rose up in the air and floated away... into another tree!


I was so mortified and embarrassed that this fabulous event wasn't going as I had hoped.

The wind picked up, untangled the balloons and off they went again.

More cheering erupted... until the balloons got caught in the power lines.

Yup, my Binky Fairy/Big Girl party had quickly become the laughing stock of the day.

I distracted Roo by dragging her inside and giving her a toy and a cupcake (it was a party, after all) and we lied and said the Binky Fairy came and snatch that binky right before my BFF's eyes (because you can still see the damn balloons on the power line from our living room!).

The end result is still the same though, the binky has left the building!

My girl is officially a big girl.

Now, all I have to do is live out this embarrassment and be strong when my girl has a meltdown and demands her binky or steals her sisters.


Wish me luck.


Rebecca said...

YA ROO!!!!
Another chapter in life closed.
I wish BFF took pictures of you on the truck.....I think we would have giggled with her!
I hope she enjoyed her cupcake!

Anonymous said...

BFF took LOTS of pictures Rebecca! Suz should post them, it was fabulous. :)