Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vacation Crash

Coming home after being away on vacation is both a happy event and a crappy event.

Happy because you are home.

You have your hot, hot, hot shower. You have your own comfy bed. You have all of your things within your grasp and most importantly, you have no snow in Florida.

It's a crappy event because, well, you're no longer on vacation! The eating out, the shopping, the new places and people, my nephews, my sister!

Plus Grandma and Grandpa aren't with you.

Coming home for us is exhausting because there's the unpacking of suitcases, the washing of dirty laundry, the empty refrigerator and once again, Grandma and Grandpa aren't with you.

And the kids want you to open and put together every toy that Santa left under the tree from them.

I've also done no work while away so my desk is piled up with stuff to do, things to schedule, items to return, to buy... but sitting down at my desk and seeing the pastures out of my window, seeing the blue sky, the people walking around... it's home and my eyes are happy to soak it all in.


Can't beat it.

Unless you added Grandma and Grandpa to the picture.


1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I agree! I liked the shower comment. There is no shower like your own! There is never one, hot enough or strong enough like my own!
Welcome home!