Sunday, December 26, 2010


Every year when I go visit my folks up in South Carolina, I ask them for snow.

Every year that we've gone up there, we don't get it.

This year was completely different.

We got snow.

Lots of snow.

And being a Florida girl, I immediately dove in and ended up with hands that were burning it was so cold.

Thankfully my Dad gave me his gloves and I continued my playing.


Rebecca said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Her in MA we are getting hit with a blizzard right now!

Anonymous said...

That's so AWESOME! Make a snow angel for me.
-Sara O'B

Moon said...

Everybody seems to have had a very white Christmas; Europe is covered in a snow basket as well!

Erika said...

We headed home from AL about 5 hours before the snow hit. I hate the kids missed it. Glad you had fun. :)