Monday, December 13, 2010

Review: KitchenAid Stand Mixer & Cooking.Com

When we first got married, I had three solid recipes I could cook and serve to my husband.

The poor thing got to eat meatloaf, spaghetti and chicken (which tended to be under cooked, every time).

And considering he wasn't a huge fan of meatloaf or raw chicken, we ate a lot of spaghetti.

When we got married the only dessert I could manage was from a box and came with ready-made icing.

After burning the green beans (which came from a frozen aisle at the grocery store), I decided that I really needed to learn to cook.

If not for my husband, for my own love of food.

Eating out was too expensive (and still is) so I bought a few cookbooks and when I got (a little) better at the dinner part, I moved on to the best part: dessert.

I would spend hours drooling over magazines that boasted high res, glossy photos and hours of sitting on the coach watching the Food Network.

The Food Network drew me in with their chocolate desserts, pies and cookies.

Oh, the cookies.

I would spend hours whipping things up by hand and they never really turned out how I wanted them to, plus my hands would be sore from kneading and mixing.

A friend had suggested that I get myself a solid stand mixer to help with all the work and I spent some time researching what the heck a stand mixer was.

In my defense, my Mother wasn't a baker and never owned a stand mixer.

I settled on the Steel Blue Stand Mixer from Kitchen Aid.

There's nothing like a fancy stand mixer to make you feel all professional.

From the first moment I used my stand mixer, I was in love... and in baking heaven.

I made shortbread cookies, peanut butter pies, peppermint tortes... the list was endless and my waistline was expanding.

It was a match made in heaven.

The Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer has a 575 watt motor with heavy duty transmission (sounds like a car, huh?). Its 6 quart bowl can handle over 8 pounds of mashed potatoes (and yes, we've made that much mashed potatoes!) and the attachments have really been a life saver.

It comes with a flat beater, PowerKnead spiral dough hook, a professional wire whip and pouring shield (optional attachments like the shredder are available for purchase).

I used them all, and loved them all.

To be honest, there isn't one thing about the Kitchen Aid stand mixer that I don't love, well maybe except for the fact it hasn't helped my knack for under cooking chicken.

This post was written for Cooking.Com for the Food Network. I was compensated with a gift card for this post. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.


Dawn (Bee and Rose) said...

I've been asking Santa for one of these for years! Hopefully, he will send one this year! lol!

great review!

Crista said...

I can't live without my kitchen aid..I want to give it presents(cool attachments) when I can finally afford to