Saturday, November 27, 2010

MomSelect Holiday Showcase Party

Getting together with friends is always a fun time for me.

Getting together with friends who have kids my daughters adore is a big plus.

Add in great holiday gifts and yummy treats and you have me hooked.

The wonderful folks at MomSelect recently sent me a Holiday Showcase Party Kit and asked me to share some hot toys with my friends.

The Holiday Showcase Party Kit included the following: Small Frys from Build-a-Bear Workshop, Christmas Cakes from Little Debbie, Sneaky 3D Puzzles from Patch Products, Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory, Play-Doh Shape and Spin Elmo, Playmobil Child's First Day at School kit, Smart Mom Solutions, Craft kits for the kids, Themed activities, games and recipes.

We all headed to our local park, spread out a blanket and noshed on Christmas Tree Cakes from Little Debbie and got to playing.

The kids were so fascinated in what I was telling them.
Okay, not really. They wanted those toys like nothing else.

It was an overjoyable afternoon and the Moms got to peek at some great toys, the kids got to play and I got to eat two Little Debbies without any guilt (none whatsoever!).

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Carrie with Children said...

Yum! I love those Little Debbie Christmas trees! So tasty! Sounds like it was a fun day!