Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Great Distracted Breastfeeding Baby

As Turtle gets older, there are more and more things to distract her while nursing.

My oldest running through the room shrieking like a rooster, the dog outside barking, the fan circling above her head.

It can get frustrated when all I want to do is feed her and she’s squirming like a monkey trying to get out of my arms.

I get frustrated and can put me in a funk.

I just want to feed my baby!

I’ve tried wearing necklaces for her to play with, jingling keys over her head, talking to her, cooing to her, pinning her down… just kidding on that last one.

Nothing works.

But occasionally, exhaustion will work.

Sometimes Turtle will be so tired that she’ll snuggle in my arms, latch on and eat until her belly is full and I’m content.

And it’s pure bliss.

Moments like that make all the bad feedings disappear and everything around us falls away and nothing can break the bond we’ve created together.

And all is right in the world again.


Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

I remember that stage! I would cringe at the slightest sounds, knowing SB would let go of the breast to investigate. My husband was banned from the room, b/c he had a terrible habit of walking in and starting to talk to me.

I found that waiting until she was practically begging to nurse helped a lot, too. Hunger trumps distraction a lot of the time...

Good luck!

Leah said...

Yes!! This happens to me all the time. Sophie can be a nightmare to feed during the day when there are other things happening in the room. She'll bend herself backwards to look around while still being attached to me and rip my boob with her. At night she is a doll to feed. I like the necklace idea. I should try that!!