Monday, November 8, 2010

Co-Sleeping, YOU SUCK.

Sometimes co-sleeping sucks.

Big time.

Turtle has somehow managed to worm her way into our bed and kick my husband out of it.

Co-sleeping isn't for everyone and I swore when I was a non-parent (what the hell did I know?) that I wouldn't put my kids in my bed. My bed was my bed. They had their own beds so they didn't need mine.

Apparently, I was stupid for even thinking those thoughts.

Roo slept in our bed from the time she was 14 months until she was 2 years old.

Turtle has been in it for about two months and she is showing no signs of ever leaving.

Her crib is pure torture for her. All you need to do to piss her off is just simply place her in it and the wails begin.

With Turtle is our bed you have to move very slowly. It takes me about three minutes to get in or out because I have to be very careful I don't make a sound because she'll wake up all pissed off. And as long as I don't move a muscle while sleeping, she sleeps good.

So it sucks in lots of ways, especially because she kicked my husband out.

But you know what... sometimes I love it.

I love rolling (very slowly) over and seeing her next to me.

I love smelling (very quietly) her skin as she snoozes alongside of me.

I love waking up (mostly at 6am) to her smiling face and happy laughter.

All that loveliness makes co-sleeping not suck so bad.


Shlamoof said...

Sometimes I wake up to 4 kids, a man and a dog in my bed =\ But Willow is the only one who wakes up easy. Sumyr wakes up fairly easy. Porsche and Piper need an airhorn before they will wake up.

Alissa said...

We're not co=sleepers, but I can totally see the "awesome" moments of it. The few times our son has been in bed with us, it's been wonderful to wake up to a sleeping child. :)