Thursday, November 11, 2010

Because You Are Dying To Know

A Day in the Life

628 AM: Wake up, praying that it’s not too early and that the baby goes back to sleep after nursing (this pray is whispered in myhead the entire nursing).

629 AM: Failure. The baby is awake and, worse, she’s smiling at me. I try not to groan and focus on how cute the sound of her voice is, but honestly, I’m too tired and really want to go back to sleep.

631 AM: Debate in my head if I should yell out (at) my husband and make him get up with her this time. At the same time I wonder if I just lay motionless the baby will miraculously behave and I make it work to my advantage for another thirty minutes.

634 AM: Failure again. She wants to play and the only thing that makes her happy… is me.

635 AM: Fall in love with her gummy smile and snuggle under the covers together.

702 AM: Toddler wakes up and crawls into snuggle.

703 AM: Toddler shouts: I HAVE TO PEE! And snuggle time is over.

706 AM: Breakfast chaos begins as I make breakfast for both kids, wake the husband up, make breakfast for him, get him out the door to work, keep both kids entertained (i.e. not crying) while I shove dishes in the dishwasher and pick up all the scattered toys from the night before and take the trash out.

812AM: Feed the chickens and the dogs.

930 AM: Baby goes down for her 1st nap of the day. I do a quick happy dance, plop the toddler in front of the television and check my email and update my blog. I continue cleaning because it is never done and I make snacks for a hungry girl.

1028 AM: Guilt overruns me and I plop the toddler down at the kitchen table and we do arts and crafts or run around outside until the baby wakes up.

1032 AM: My oldest asks for another snack.

1035 AM: I sneak online to check my email while the oldest cleans up her PlayDoh mess.

1037 AM: Babe wakes up and I nurse her while the oldest twirls circles until she falls down and I laugh at her.

1045 AM: Another snack request and another: I HAVE TO PEE request.

1110AM: I demand everyone stop what they are doing for more snuggling and we pile on the couch for some quality time.

1200PM: Lunch time and more dishes (yes, we make a huge mess in this house).

1212PM: Did I take anything out for dinner? What about laundry? When's the last time I washed any baby socks? I rush around and cram more chores while the baby plays with a tennis ball and the oldest asks for another snack.

1232- 138PM: We all lounge on a blanket outside and dig in the dirt for dinosaur bones. I chase the baby all over the front yard trying to dust all the dirt off of her onesie.

237PM: Nap #2 for the baby and the oldest and I cuddle while I (again) check my email and we talk about shapes and why the sky is blue.

259PM: The oldest and I visit our favorite horses in the barns.

318PM: Snack time! I force myself to eat something healthy when all I really want is leftover Halloween Candy.

338PM: More outside time digging for dinosaur bones and watering the plants in the front yard.

400PM: Baby is up, time to nurse, watch the news and fold the laundry (while wondering where all those baby socks went to). The oldest colors while I figure out what to make for dinner.

405PM: The baby cries if I put her down so I must cook dinner with her on my hip (don't worry, she doesn't get near anything hot).

446PM: Hubby comes home and we all crowded around him like a happy puppy dog wagging its tail.

501PM: Dinner, followed by more playing outside and running through the barns.

656PM: Bathtime, more snuggling, storytime, more cuddling... and more cuddling.

712PM: Hubby takes over the oldest while I nurse the baby, rock her to sleep and lay her down in my bed for nightie night.

832PM: I tuck in and kiss the oldest and off to dreamland she goes.

835PM: I say hello to my hubby before collapsing (softly and quietly like a ninja because like I said, the babe is in our bed) and snoozing.

Exciting, huh?

What did you do today?

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Jackie said...

That sounds like on very busy day! But it sounds like fun since you get to spend it with your cute babies!