Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Bravado Exquisite Nursing Bra

Nursing isn't always pretty.

It's actually a leaky job with a few bumps along the road, some soreness and some confusion (of the nipple kind), but it's so worth it.

And not having to wear ugly nursing bras makes it a lot easier.

When you're wearing something pretty, you feel ten times prettier, even if your boobs are leaking.

The people over at Bravado! Designs knew this and have an entire line of nursing bras to make nursing Moms feel better.

Started by two Moms, Bravado! wanted to create comfortable, stylish and quality nursing bras.

I had the chance to test out Bravado's Exquisite nursing bra.

Its claim is that: it combines fashion and function.

And it does.

It's got cute lace along the cups and the fabric, the exclusive Bravado! CottonFlex, is super soft. It stretches to your shape just nicely and it doesn't have that pesky wire that can poke you, plus it's not scratchy.

And the most important thing, it's comfortable, which is necessary in any bra.

The Bravado! Exquisite nursing bra does have a flaw, it has these large gold, nickel free, clip to unbutton for nursing and they are not my taste, but I found it really hard to unbutton the buttons while my baby sat in my lap, screaming for food. And to button it back up takes two hands and when the baby is still in your lap, it's really frustrating to get your girls back in and where they are supposed to be.

But overall, the bra is really great. It's cute, comfy and if it had the clips to unhook for nursing, it would be the perfect bra.

You can purchase your own Bravado! Exquisite nursing bra on the Bravado! Design website.

I received a nursing bra of my own to test out for this review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Please see my full disclosure policy for more information.

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Cathy Anderson said...

This is a very comfortable bra. I have trouble with straps sliding off
my shoulders - Playtex wirefree bra does a better job with that than any I have had in a long time.