Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Did That Happen?

I have to admit, being a Mom of two hasn't really been that difficult.

Sure, there are times when both of them need me at the same time. But I usually just decide who needs me more at that moment and tell the other she has to wait (Turtle doesn't really understand this, but what choice does she have?).

Today though, was an entirely different experience for me.

Today was the day that I sat down with a huge sigh and wondered when it all had changed, and when had it changed so quickly.

(Okay, maybe I'm being a tad bit dramatic, but it's my blog and I can be dramatic if I want to).

This morning we hit the park for some playtime before heading to the library and after that we hit Target to pick up some milk and medicine.

Roo decided that as soon as she saw the big bullseye that she needed to get two toys. I told her no. Then she wanted popcorn, again no. So I did my thing and as we're checking out, Roo decided to pout and then Turtle chimed in.

Then (!) my debit card decided not to work and normally I would've just said forget it but I really needed that milk.

By the time it finally worked and I got both kids in the car, I wanted to cry along with them.

I've never felt frustrated like that and to be honest, it bothered me. I shouldn't be bothered by my children. Kids cry, I normally just deal with it and do my best to soothe them.

Maybe it's because Turtle is still struggling with this growth spurt and barely sleeping at night. Maybe it's Jillian Michaels and her Level Two that's kicking my ass.

Whatever it is, I beg of it to GO AWAY.

I want to get back to a happy Mommy who can roll with any kind of punches thrown at her.

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Christina said...

Sometimes it happens amd it is okay to be frustrated. It is part of being a Mom. After having mint chocolate chip ice cream thrown up on us, me and Tommy left Logan with Daddy and decided that getting out of the house was a brillant idea. We ended up having a great time with the Firebird's T-tops off and cruising to Sonic.