Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review: Avatar

When a movie makes an obscene amount of money, breaks records, wins Oscars and encourages a cult following, I'm interested.

Called the #1 movie of all time, Avatar is James Cameron's masterpiece.

I have to admit, when the movie came out into theatres, I did not see it.

I dislike nothing more than packed movie theatres and people that dress up in blue kinda make me uneasy.

So I waited to see it until it came out on DVD.

I prefer the coziness of my couch and my own popcorn.

I didn't have any expectations for Avatar because I honestly had no clue what it would be about. Sure, I'd seen the trailers but I never googled it.

So I sat down with a fresh mind and was completely blown away.

The life that unfolds on the screen is a brilliant and bright world. Even if you don't follow along the storyline (a paraplegic Marine torn between two worlds), you will be amazed by the colors and the graphics.

It's unlike any movie I have ever seen. It has a little bit of something for everyone. There's romance and there's war.

But beware, at 162 minutes it's long so be prepared to pause for some bathroom breaks.

Avatar is on store shelves now.

I was given a copy of Avatar for review. I was not compensated further for this review. Please see my full discloure policy for more information.


Hello Kendra said...

My husband took me to see it in 3D weeks after it came out. I have to completely agree that its a great movie.

Erika said...

We watched it Friday night and I really liked it too. Will definitely purchase at some point. The only thing that bugged me was some of the language. I just don't get why movie makers think they need to put it in when it doesn't really add to the story.