Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Level Two

Post baby bodies suck.

There's no getting around it and there's no getting away from it.

There's no magic pill that can make you skinny and there's no such thing as a magic weight loss brownie (I've heard of magic brownies but I heard they just make you eat more).

I've sadly discovered that the only way I'll lose the spare tire is if I work out.

And for the past eight days, I've done just that. As I mentioned last week, I started the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. Last week I started with Level One and today I switched it up to Level Two because I was starting to feel bored with Level One.

And boy, lemme tell you, today I am not feeling bored.

I'm feeling that jittery, shaky feeling that you get when you completed a damn good workout.

Now, I don't really feel that 20 minutes is enough for me. I just don't feel like I'm hitting all the spots with 20 minutes... so I did half of Level One as well.

Am I just asking to kneel over and pass out, maybe... but I love this feeling.

And I love how my hips are starting to slightly dip in at the hipbone. You know, that sweet spot on your hips. I love it.

I haven't hit the scale since last week but I am super curious... of course I haven't altered my diet (one thing at a time please!), so I'm also super worried all this work is for nothing (except those sweet hip dips!).

But we'll see and I'll give up the details when my 30 days are up.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear/see the results! =) Sweet Hip dips.
-Sara O'B

MyWorld said...

I'm 21.5 months post baby and I'm finally into the routine I want to be in. The program I started suggests only working out 3 days a week (with weights). It was a hard concept for a gym-rat like me to grasp, but I'm liking the results I've seen so far.