Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thanks For Freakin' Me Out

It's no secret that Turtle likes to cry.

I know it, you know it, my neighbor two miles away knows it.

The other night nothing I could nothing to make my baby happy. Rocking, no. Swinging, no. Crying, yes... both of us.

So I just let her cry. I held her in my arms, rocked her in the recliner and just let her cry.

And boy did she cry.

Eventually, she quieted and we snuggled and she went to sleep.

The next day I read an article in a baby magazine that said if you let a baby under six months cry it out that you risk stressing the child out which ends up producing higher levels of cortisol in their tiny bodies and cortisol attacks the immune system.

It was never my intention to let my child cry it out (I never let Roo cry it out), but at that moment I couldn't do anything and there's other times I can't do anything to help calm her down. Like today when we were in the car, she was super unhappy and the whole time I driving, I'm gripping the steering wheel thinking that I'm harming my baby because she's crying and I'm not slamming on the brakes to comfort her.

It's a never ending cycle, these magazine articles that do nothing but freak me out. Sure, I appreciate the information but this information stresses me out! Makes me feel like I can't win!

I have no choice but to ignore half the things I read, especially because I look at Turtle when she isn't crying and I see how beautiful and how happy she is and think she's not stressing... so neither should I.


Miss Anne said...

i have no doubt you're doing the best you can and that turtle is loved unconditionally... whether she's crying or not. ♥

Mama Bub said...

I don't consider it crying it out if you're right there with her. Sometimes they just need to cry and there's nothing you can do but just be there with them.

Funky Food Trisha said...

Definitely not "crying it out" if she is right there with you. And in the car? Turn the radio up. My second couldn't stand to be in the car for more than a couple minutes and that wasn't realistic! So I found some soothing music and cranked it up. He would pop his fingers in his mouth and calm down.

Quit reading those magazines!!!!