Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review: 24 Hour Challenge

If I’m not careful, dishes tend to pile up in this house. All I have to do is blink and all of a sudden my sink is stacked high with dirty dishes. This drives me crazy because half of the time, they’re caked with food.

When this happens, I tend to spend too much time and too much elbow grease trying to get them cleaned even before I stick them in the dishwasher.

Enter Cascade Complete.

I have to admit, at first glance I was skeptical about Cascade Complete.

They state that their product “breaks down, dissolves, and rinses away tough food particles without the need to pre-wash.”

I mean, come on, a dishwasher detergent that gets the entire caked gunk off my dishes and saves me time?

My husband was also wishy-washy about it because where does all that gunk go when it comes off of the plates?

The people at MyBlogSpark sent me some Cascade Complete to try out, as well as a nice new baking dish, to participate in the 24 hour challenge.

So I set out to make lasagna. Nothing is more gunky, full of food and packed with red-staining sauce than lasagna.

So I baked.

We ate.

I left it out for 24 hours.

Yes, you read that right. I left my casserole dish out for 24 hours. I didn’t rinse it, scrap it clean or anything. I just left it sitting on the counter for 24 hours.

Once my 24 hours was up, I popped it in the dishwasher without rinsing it and threw in a Cascade Complete and started that bad boy up.

Forty minutes later… it was clean.

And my mouth hit the floor.

Of course, I tried my experiment again the next day with a bowl of peanut butter cookie dough, but this time I let it soak in water for a few hours. I didn’t rise the bowl, just popped it in the dishwasher with my Cascade Complete.

Sadly, it didn’t perform that well as my peanut butter was still stuck, only it was dried and gross when it came out of the dishwasher.

My conclusion is that casserole dishes that are shiny and smooth work perfectly. An old mixing bowl that’s been in the house for years, not so much.

The wonderful people at MyBlogSpark have generously given me a $25 Wal Mart gift card so you can try your own 24 Hour Challenge with Cascade Complete. All you need to do is comment on my blog by the end of this week (April 30, 2010 at midnight EST) to win. Tell me about your dishwashing woes, since I’ve told you mine.

This product review was based on using complimentary Cascade product provided by P&G. Bloggers also received a Walmart gift card to share with their readers. P&G does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any statements or product claim made here, nor does it endorse any opinions expressed within this blogsite.
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Erika said...

OOOOHHHH, I want to try it! Sometimes our dishwasher works wonders, sometimes not so much. I may have to try that the next time I buy dishwashing tablets.

Anonymous said...

sign me up for the giveaway.


AngelRamosBlogger said...

I'd like to enter the giveaway.


Mommy2Cara said...

sadly, I am the dishwasher, that is my sad story. :) Enter me for that $25 gift card maybe I can get rid of those dish pan hands.

Michelle K said...

I just got a new dishwasher last week and it's the most fabulous thing I own!

Catherine said...

I don't own a dishwasher. But I sure could use that gift card to buy lotion for these dish pan hands.

Amanda said...

My dish washing woe is that I'm the only one who washes the dishes!


MommyNamedApril said...

our dishwasher is 15(+) years old and barely limping along.

i'd love to win, thanks for the contest!

mommynamedapril at gmail.com

Mari said...

The worst stain mishap is anything made with marinara sauce.

BTW has anyone ever told you that in your picture you look like rosie the riveter??

runningmatey at hotmail dot com