Monday, April 5, 2010

It Runs In The Family

My husband has always joked that he has dominate genes.

I would often laugh at him, but secretly knew he wasn't just boasting.

I mean, if you took a picture of him when he was little (and his Mom) and put it next to Roo's when she was a baby, they had so many similarities it was shocking.

Today my shock has grown ten-fold and I admit to the world that my husband is right.

Need proof?

Roo at 5 weeks.

Turtle at 6 weeks.

Yeah, and that expression... he looks at me the same way too.


Miss Anne said...

she looks pissed or annoyed.
regardless they're adorable.

Rebecca said...

I have been out of the bloggy loop for a while. Life turned upside down for me. I just came to see what you are up to and see you had your baby! Congrats!!! OMG...they look so much alike!!!
Hope all is well!

Erika said...

Still adorable though!